Legion Y720 Warranty – How hot is too hot?

Just to give some context (and apologies ahead of time for the length of this, but I figure it helps to give as much relevant information as possible): I bought my Legion Y720 back in December 2017. And right away, I noticed that it would get worryingly hot under any sort of graphical stress- I […]

Thnikpad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 40AN not working with Thinkpad P52 Laptop 20MA

I bought the Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 40AN to use with my Thinkpad P52 Laptop 20MA. But the dock will not switch on after I have connected it to the 170W charger and my P52 laptop. I don’t understand what could be the problem. It should just switch on. My laptop says that it is […]

Lenovo Yoga 720 4K Display flicker

Go to https://youtu.be/ovxIyVImZ-4Please see attached video link in HD 1080p, dell and lenovo yoga 720 compared, lenovo display on right show will flicker it will cause eye strain and dell will be stable, also look at the cover they mentioned warning Disappointed in my yoga 900 spacebar breakdown Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop (ideapad) Serial Number: xxxxx Carbon […]

Yoga 12 SSD failure need replacement suggestions

My Intel SSD Pro 2500 (ssdsc2bf180a5l) failed after 4 years.  Looking to replace with something compatible and new. Any drives I should avoid? Any suggestions?  Picture of Bios info page attached. Thanks.  Ed   Moderator note: image containing serial number removed to prevent abuse. MT-M is 20DLCTO1WW What in the world is wrong with chat […]

T570 PM961 Samsung NVMe SSD slow

Hello all   I have been using this latop for about a month and it felt slower than my alternate Dell XPS with very similar specs.  It has a Samsung 850 Pro SSD, which is technically slower than PM961 on the lenovo.  However, all my programs seem slower and jittery – the same programs runs […]

yoga 710-11 – no wake-on-lan option in bios?

hi – any possibility to activate WAKE-ON-LAN IN BIOS for yoga 710-11?. my bios version is uptodate: 0ucn25ww. there is a boot-option PCI-LAN. I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work. all other checks are made for wake-up from sleep mode with magic packet (router, nic, energy-mode) – thanks for help – diwall Lenovo Vantage App […]

Lenovo Solution Center hardware scan hangs on video memory test

Continually receiving the below warning causing the hardware scan to hang at 81 percent completion:   Video Memory Test       Warning     The video diagnostic encountered a problem while trying to communicate with the video driver.   System is Lenovo H50-55 desktop AMD A10-7800 w/Radeon R7 Graphics card, 12GB memory, 2 AOC 2060W3 monitors, […]

Upgraded CPU to i7-4790k = No boot

Computer: Lenovo TS140 (System SKU LENOVO_MT_Thin_BU_LENOVO_FM_70A4000HUX) Old CPU: i3-4130 LGA1150New CPU: i7-4790k LGA1150   The motherboard is Lenovo IS8XM which I upgraded to the latest bios firmware available, LENOVO FBKTCWAUS, 2/6/2018.   With the new CPU in all I get is fans, no beeps, no monitor.  With no cpu at all I get the same result.  It would […]

T480: What does constent red led light at charge port means?

On my 2 months old T480 ThinkPad, sometimes (happened 3 times so far) when I disconnect cable (type-c cable) from the docking station/box and then reconnect to the docking station/box (e.g. after a meeting) – following does not work:1) Does to connect to external displays/monitors.2) Showing charging (in windows 10 status/task bar), but actually does […]

Lenovo tab4 8 tablet API: 3 E:Failed to mount/sdcard (No such file or directory).

Today I received my Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus tablet through delivery. Unboxed it and it worked fine, Created Accounts. Then notification for Update popped up and it was initially +900mb and after it booted another Notification for around 250MB+ Update Come up and when it was updating the Tabled stopped updating and bottom showed […]