Display Static Image on ThinkVision l2251x

Hello,   I would like to understand what abilities we have to flash/upgrade the firmware on the ThinkVision l2251x monitors. We would like to display a static or moving image on the display when the monitor is idle and no PC/Machine will be connected to the monitor    Is this possible? Has anyone done anything similar?  […]

No More Dolby Setting in Vantage AND Dolby App Not Working

Hi,   I have a Thinkpad E585. I have 2 Dolby issues: 1. I just noticed that my Vantage app (v is missing Dolby settings.  2. Launching my standalone Dolby App displays "Unable to start dolby audio… reinstall the driver…". I have uninstalled Dolby App but Vantage system update does not reinstall, so now […]

E480 (without RX 550) fan/heat issues?

Hello everybody,   I have already read certain posts about the fan/heat issue the E480 seems to be having in the model with the RX 550. As it is difficult to differentiate which posts are belonging to the model with the radeon graphics card and which posts are belonging to the model without the graphics […]


Hello,  My laptop (Y520-15IKBN) is not  turning on. (Charging LED is also not lighting up)   History –> 1. First I used ADP plan to change the faulty back cover of the laptop. 2. After 6-7 days,   HDD drive  started showing it problems ( Lots of blue screens ) ( Hard disk Active time 100% […]

P50 (ThinkPad) … MS KB4093112 and KB41037029 Won't Install

Hi. My Windows "View Installed Update History" dialogue shows two Microsoft updates require a restart to finsih installing, as follows:   2018-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4093112) (13) Requires a restart to finish installing   2018-05 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x-64 […]

Boot failed for Yoga 900 13 isk2

Hello everyone,   Laptop cannot start, boot failed Already tried settings on boot mode like legacy boot, but nothing helped Lenovo support does only know reset laptop and has never helped although guaranty still available Lenovo Yoga 900 13, i7, 16 GB RAM   Any ideas?   Thank you jyprivat Lenovo G770 best CPU upgrade […]

E420 wont turn on with battery and cmos battery in / No prende con bateria y pila de cmos

Spanish versionBuenas gente, estoy teniendo un problema que no me prende una Lenovo Thinkpad E420 después de desarmarla para limpieza completa. Estaba teniendo temperaturas altas y la tengo hace 2 años y nunca le había hecho nada asi que desarme basándome en un video y limpié todo, suciedad, pasta térmica y arme todo.   Cuando […]

x1 carbon gen 5 coating coming off from back

my x1 carbon is out of warranty for a few months and the coating on the bottom is coming off messing up clothes and furniture. it also looks very bad. the computer is 1.5 years old.   lenovo needs to work on quality control and on quality in general in order to be able compete […]

Moved ix4-300d to New Network – Shares Not Showing Up in Windows 10

I just moved my ix4-300d from my home to my work location. Just before the move, I did update the firmware to the latest (4.1.310.34505).   On the new network, I can access the configuratoin of the ix4-300d by typing in the IP address in a web broswer. I want all the shares folders to […]

X1 tablet (3rd gen) with third-party USB C charger

Hello,   Does anyone try to charge X1 tablet (3rd gen) with a third-party USB C charger?   I recently bought a Aukey USB C charger (USB C + 2USB A, 60W PD3 on type C, https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-Charger-Delivery-Compatible-MacBook/dp/B079P11LBV ) which support 20V3A output. When I connected to my X1 tablet, there was an error message "the power […]