Y740 or Wait for the Y750

Hi! I was wondering if it is worth waiting for the newer Lenovo Legion Y750 or buying the Y740 now. I have heard that the Y750 will have a better design and maybe a better battery, so i was wondering what you all think. Thank You X1 Carbon 7th Gen running while in sleep mode […]

P52 hybrid graphics does not work with HDMI

Hello,   I just received my P52 and I am running ubuntu 18.04 on it. If I go into the BIOS and change the graphics to the hybrid mode, connect the HDMI cable the Ubuntu OS can’t boot.     Any ideas, solutions, something? 🙂 Add mSata to M82 and use as primary OS boot […]

M91P model 4518A13 Need wireless PCI card

I need to know what type/model wireless card can be installed in this machine.  Lenovo customer service has not responded to my messages.   Looking for non-Lenovo Thunderbolt dock for T580 (For those of you who have followed my previous threads, I’ve now ordered a T580 with 4k display).   I’m looking for a T3 […]

How to recover original OS after disk lost

I have installed a dual boot  (Windows/Linux) on my Lenovo X1 Carbon and for a stupid mistake erased all disk boot sector and partition table. How can I install the system the way it came from factory with the original Windows and Lenovo utilities? 330S-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81F5 018EUS Upgrade RAM and SSD Can I […]

Changing the motherboard

Hi all – is there no other way other than to visit a service centre to change the machine model name, serial number and uuid following a motherboard change?   I’ve seen forum items an ASU which suggest it may be possible to do it yourself.   Many thanks K8 plus earphone volume increase with […]

ideapad 330 – Touchpad types text

When clicking on touchpad, it types ‘sadfjkl;’, moving generates all kind of characters/keystrokes.   2 weeks ago installed teh new Lenovo ideapad 330 and all went OK. Now two weeks later I want to bring it to my brother in law and just before that, I checked for updates. Some Win10 updates and Lenovo driver/bios […]

What is the thin yellow film covering the unused ssd area of the X1E for?

What is it for? Are we supposed to remove it before installing the 2nd ssd? H-w come Lenovo does not include a screw for user to secure a 2nd ssd? T480 + UltraDock Screen Display After several months of working perfectly, I’ve run into issues with my dock. Now, after I undock my T480, the screen […]

Lenovo legion Y520 SSD compatibility?

Hello! I’ve read about all the ssd models and I understand a that I need a M.2 form factor for my Legion Y520-IKBN. But I want to be sure that i buy the right ssd, so guys, can you help me please whici model is suitable for my laptop?  https://www.emag.ro/compare/D6VTP2BBM,D0D95DBBM,D3DV4NBBM/   And can you tell […]

ThinkCentre M715 Tiny CPU operating temperature

Purchased my dad an M715 tiny and he’s said it is very hot to the touch and he seems to hear the fan run only occasionaly. I remoted in to download and set up microsoft office for him as it doesn’t have a CD drive and I checked the CPU temperatue the AMD A10-9700E Pro was usually […]

Thinkpad x140e can't read second stick of ram

Hello there! I have a thinkpad x140e with an amd processor (e1-2500). I just bought 16gb of ram (Timetec ddr3l 1600 2×8 gb), following this topic (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/Unofficial-Max-RAM-Capacity-for-X140e/td-p/1857189). Unfortunately on my latpot it looks like it’s not working. The SO (windows 10) read only 8 gb of ram.  I doubt the stick is faulty because I […]