Does the Lenovo smart Tab p10 have a compatible stylus

Hi just wondering if I can get a pen for my tablet as I’ve mailbox got it for work.  New Thinkpad T490 Horrible Battery Life  I recently received my new Thinkpad T490, but it appears that the battery life is absolutely horrible (<3 hours on a full charge). Is this simply because of my configuration/usage, […]

Yellow Flash light

My new Lenovo K8 plus has yelloish flash light like that of sodium lamp. Is it a manufacturing defect, Or something else? YOGA A940  Transforming: Introducing the new YOGA A940, with a spectacular 4K display precision dial and built-in wireless charging pad. You can even tilt the display down to a 25 degree angle and […]

Yoga 370: Which Full-sized Stylus Is Compatible?

I purchased a Yoga 370 but find the stylus that comes with this model is too small for comfort.  Is there a larger stylus that is compatible?   E.g. Is the ThinkPad Pen Pro compatible?  The Lenovo compatibilty lists I’ve referred to don’t seem include the 370 on any lists.  The only pen that I […]

Y520-15IKBM: Start button not working

Hello,   My lenovo has an issue on the start button. The bottom part of the button doesn’t activate the computer anymore  because the yellow square you can see on the pictures moves. We don’t know more about this situation and we’re looking for information and solution if anyone had the same issue once. If […]

Ideapad 700 15isk slow fan speed

My IdeaPad 700 had a fan speed problem of which it kept in idling speed when the computer is getting hot resulting in a burning hot upper keyboard section and thermal throttling (CPU temp. up to 95 degrees)can I change the fan settings in bios or other ways to make the fans spin faster (like the extreme cooling […]

Mouse problem with USB-C Dock on ThinkPad T470

Hi Lenovo,   I have a strange issue with the USB-C Dock    If I plug-in my Logitech G502 mouse then it will work for a minute and then randomly hangs and freezes.  If I plug-in the mouse directly into my Lenovo T470 then everything works fine   What I’ve tried:   – Update of […]

PXE Boot with L380 Yoga and Hybrid Dock 40AF0135US

I am unable to get PXE Boot to work with these devices. I have checked to confirm that my FOG image deployment tool and the DHCP server are working fine. I was able to get further with an E520 than the L380 and I think it has something to do with the docking station. I […]

Lenovo Genuine Battery from Lenovo, New label on box, 2+ year old battery in box. Please Contact me.

I could find no customer service email, I intended this to go there. Greetings, Until now, I have considered myself a Lenovo fan and have purchased many Lenovo products over the years for my self and my family. I have always felt Lenovo products were of high quality and durable.   However, I am now disturbed […]

Lenovo YOGA 730 15” battery

I’m having a huge problem with my laptop and no one seem to know what’s wrong and I need some help I got my laptop around 4-5 months ago and it would hold its charge (up to 5+ hours) and now it barely holds a charge (about an hour if I’m lucky) and the battery […]

Welcome to the Mobile World Congress 2019 board

What are the upcoming trends in IT, and how is Lenovo changing in order to meet your needs?   We bring you highlights of MWC 2019 in Barcelona, and here’s your space to share your thoughts.      Lenovo H50-50 Upgrade GPU and RAM help Hello All, First time post and noob upgrader here!. Let […]