Ideapad C340 camera not working on windows 10

Hello,I’m using Win10 and when i tried to use the build in Windows Camera app, i see don’t see a picture but a red square. I have downloaded all latest driver but it does not help. i’ve tried to enable and disable the camera including playing the privicy settings of the camera but without luck. the laptop […]

Lenovo P52 screen resolution problem through thunderbolt 3 dock

I just got my P52 with Quadro P1000 GPU hooked up with my new 40AN0230EU docking and 3x 24" monitors.   Two of my monitors is connected through Display Ports, and the last one is connected with HDMI cable in the docking side and DVI in the monitor side of the cable.   My problem is […]

Lenovo 110s to X1C (7th)! Questions from a newb…

Hello!   I am a young professional and an aspiring software dev/ gaming enthusiast. All my life I have used cheap, cheap laptops and computers on account of coming from a low income family. A couple years ago I put aside some money for a premium laptop. At the time I was intending to buy […]

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 SD card assistance with system files

I Have a M10 tablet 32GB internal memory i installed a Sandisk 64GB SD card, when i set it up it asked if i wanted to use it as internal SD or external SD, i selected internal, when it installed it moved some system files to the SD card, i didn’t want to do this, […]

Lenovo G50-80 not turning on but charging

Hi,   I have a Lenovo G50-80 laptop which is not powering on when I press the power button, but when I plugged the power cable its charging. However, it did not switch on just like it used to be. I followed the recommendations I read in this forum like the hard boot but its […]

Original Stock Rom 7.1.1 for TB-704F (Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus)?

Hi, can anyone provide a link to  I’m unable to find it anywhere.   Thanks Motion controller thumbstick problem Bought 2 new explorer with motion controller kits today.   Hooked one up. Paired the controllers. In the mixed reality portal the headset and right controller work fine. But when the left controller is on I […]

P50 and external monitors

I started having an issue a few days ago with my P50 and an external monitor. I plugged it in and could find no option anywhere to mirror the display like it used to (so the same screen is on the laptop and the monitor). I searched for such a setting to no avail. Tonight, […]

Legion Y530 Plugged in always?

Hi! I just bought a Legion Y530 mainly for Adobe Apps and some gaming. Recently I’ve charged the laptop to 100%, removed the charger, went to Power Saver mode, and the battery lasted for an hour or so, then I plugged in again. I was guessing/estimating that with this usage/routine I would charge and discharge […]

E 531 Speaker Cover Part Name??

E 531 bottom cover | Front.  Running to the left of the simm card slot.  There is / was a piece of Tape which covers the speakers. Approx 10 inches x 3/4 inches. Can’t locate what it is called in the Parts Manual. Issue:  does it need to be replaced? What’s a good substitue? Should […]

Phone only rings twice.

My P2 is ringing just twice before the sound cuts out – I can see on the screen that the incoming call continues but just without the ring tone.   Any suggestions for solving this apart from doing the factory reset??   Thanks Legion C530 Crackling Audio Hi all,   I’ve just purchased a Legion […]