When I want to Extend I go to the store but I have to take the RAM out of my house or I can buy it at Lenovo branch I have freezing in LENOVO y520 IKBN When im in desktop and when i do the right click i got freezing problem about 30 seconds. Always […]

S340-15IWL Can't Legacy Boot from USB

I’ve searched through the forums and Lenovo’s site and can’t come up with a working solution for this new notebook: I have been able to boot a USB that has EFI, but for the life of me I cannot figure out a way to boot from an MBR/legacy USB. I’ve spent hours trying.     […]

Wifi not working B5400 laptop

Hello! I have a B5400 here with Windows 10. The Wifi on the laptop recently stopped working as it should, out of the blue. I have tried several things such as:– Reinstalling Windows 10 – Updating drivers – Installing lenovo vantage   And probably a bunch more. I read a lot about the problem being […]

Ideapad 330-15ARR – Is the 8GB version running dual channel by default?

Hello   I have a question about the Ryzen 3 version of the Ideapad 330-15ARR laptop. From what I could gather, it has 4GB of 2400mhz DDR4 ram soldered onto the board, and a SO-DIMM slot which depending on model is either free or has RAM in it. I’m interested in the 8GB version, as […]

2019 X1 Carbon EXTREME, wont charge over USB C

Hi guys,   So i have upgarded to the X1 Extreme from my 6th Gen X1 Carbon. One thing i did not consider was the 135W charger vs 65w USB c charger that you get on the X1 6G.   Problem i have is when i fly long haul the normal max wattage of plane […]

SOLVED – Mouse disabled when gaming

EDIT 2: I fixed this by going to Lenovo Vantage module > Input > set the touchpad lock to Off  I had it set to On originally, as I understood it was only applicable if I had a physical mouse plugged in.    EDIT: Just to clarify, I don’t have a usb mouse connected. The […]

Lenovo legion y520 conncention problems

I’m not good at computers at all and my english isn’t the best so I hope all of you will understand haha. I’ve had my lenovo legion y520 since august 2018 maybe and for a while now the wifi I use just disconnects at random times. Like I could be connected for maybe 10 mins, […]

T490 touchpad bug (stupid feature?)

Hello, I got a brand new T490, everything up to date, however the touchpad is buggy. It doesnt register short quick precise movements. when the movements are further, it doesnt have any problem but if I want to move the pointer to something close, the touchpad doesnt move at all, so I have to move […]

2019 Update Coming For Lenovo K8 Note?

Dear Lenovo, Can we get a new security patch and Android version Like ( pie or 8.1 ) in middle of 2019   The last security patch was (5 march,2019) and Android version was (8.0 – oreo) It was too much old and too much bug’s in there. – 1. Bad battery life. 2. Camera […]

backlit keyboard lenovo 530 blocked

Hi! I have a problem regarding my lenovo yoga 530. The backlit keyboard is blocked, I cannot turn it off with fn+space bar. It has always worked properly. How can I fix this?Thanks! Lenovo Flex 2 – no display, external monitor was working.. but now stuck in Safe mode?? I have a Lenovo Flex 2 […]