Delete boot animation

Has there still not been any solution to how to remove the twice shown horrible boot animation? I know that I can turn off the sound but I want the whole thing gone. I want the phone to start up as fast as possible and without stealing too much of the already extremely short battery […]

x201T life after Win 7?

I have a trusty X201t with Wacom enabled screen that has been an incredible companion computer in my household. I have a more modern laptop that I use for work but I keep coming back to the X201t for personal use. The size, wacom pen / touch screen, and even built in 3G SIM card […]

Lenovo G50-45 cpu

Hello, I have a lenovo g50-45 which has amd e1-6010 1-35ghz and radeon r2 with 2 gb ram.   Can I replace its mother board to a better one like amd a8-6410 or amd fx-8800p to increase its performance. Please tell me,I know that it appears to be a silly question but I really want […]

Cannot Update The Latest BIOS Version of Lenovo 720S-14IKB 81BD001BBM

I am trying to update the latest bios versio through the lenovo update application and I get an error. I am attaching screenshots of the error. Lenovo Smart Assistant – How To Manually Blank the Display? Question: How do I manually blank the display on the Lenovo Smart Assistant, especially at night time?   I […]

How to delete Ubuntu "pointer"

I own a Lenovo Ideapad 520 15ikb, with a 250GB SSD and a 1TB hard disk (where the DVD drive should be). I have used part of the 1TB drive to install a Ubuntu system, so now I have a dual boot portable. It defaults to Windows 10, but if I press F12 I get […]

Lenovo ideapad 330 17ich

Hello i just bought this laptop for one day with freedos , and when i installed windows 10, i noticed a green light in the right bottom corners of the screen but only when the screen is all in black color.It is visible only on the black color  Last version of windows 10 Instaled last […]

Stubborn design of X1C

Overall X1C is the best laptop on market (even vs. macbook pro).   But still a long way to reach perfection, esp. here are some stubborn designs:   FIRST: The properitary ethernet port and dongle!   This highly priced accessory LAN dongle has even 2 variants, which confuses customers of Thinkpad (incl. X1) from varied […]

Lenovo Yoga 310 – white noise even with HDMI

I have a Yoga Lenovo 310  bought last month. It has a white noise that appears when I use the speakers, with headphones and when I use HDMI (it transfers to the TV). It is as if a radio is not set on the right station.  I have tried updating the drivers but nothing seems […]

ATTN: lenovo ! A485 buggy bios

I’ve found atleast 3 bugs in the lenovo bios for this laptop and zero responses to anyone asking about them on the lenovo support forums.   Here they are: tsc don’t work, pcie aspm isn’t enabled, iommu don’t work   This laptop is subpar and near useless in it’s current state. Please fix these issues […]

t450s trackpad/trackpoint issues

My TrackPoint doesn’t work and unless I take the keyboard off and disconnect the backlight cable my trackpad won’t work either. diagnostics are clean. Seems like some sort of power issue.Anyone ever heard of this problem before?  Lenovo 510 15IKB – upgrading hard to ssd i want to buy ssd hard drive (samsung SSD 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III […]