New t480s Power Manager won't turn off display or go to sleep

I have a new t480s, bought last month. The power management does not turn off the screen/display after the specified amount of time. Also the laptop doesn’t go to sleep after the specified time either.    I’ve already tried updating Lenovo PM to the latest version.   Is there anything else I can do or […]

Legion Y740 15" freezing first few minutes into WoW classic

Hi, so hours ago I received the laptop and decided I’d download chrome, discord, steam and blizzard launcher. Eager to test out WoW,  I jumped on and within 5 minutes it froze completely but I could still hear the music. Ctrl+alt+delete was not working, everything froze except sound. Forced shut down, jumped on and tried […]

P52 Touchpad Latency

I recently got a P52 i7. I’m having a weird problem with the touchpad. Most of the time it works just fine, but seemingly at random, it’ll start to lag behind my finger movements. It doesn’t stutter or freeze or get choppy; it still works smoothly, it’s just at least 50-100ms slower than whatever my […]

710-25ish – vga issue

My issue is the vga output is causing my second monitor to turn off and on.  so at times I only have one monitor.  The other monitor is using a hdmi cable.  Can I turn on the other vga or hdmi port and still have the nvidia graphics card work?  I am not very computer […]

Lenovo thinkpad X270 Power on password

i forgot password for setup BIOS when scan fingerprint it’s matching, but after i don’t know password.   i don’t understand Windows Password and Power on password the same or no? i need to use this my laptop becuase i have my finaly project. please help me.   Serial Number: * MIIX 310 failed firmware update […]

Lenovo Flex 5 (14") Laptop – Display

Hi All, Need some help regarding my flex 5 laptop. Got it 3 days from a deal from a retailer, laptop has everything I want except the display. The colors of the display are very much faded/washed out even on 100% brightness. faint blue looks gray, blue looks like teal. Quite annoying. I compared the […]

Disable the password padlock on startup

Hello, i’ve a ThinkPad T440s. The problem is that everytime i switch on the laptop a black screen appear with a white padlock on the top-left corner (see the attached picture). In order to continue the startup i’ve to hit ENTER. I tried about everything to remove it but without success. In the BIOS i […]

Don't prompt for fingerprint when waking a closed X1Y3 – feature request

I’m not sure if this is a Win10 problem or a Lenovo problem, but hoping Lenovo can do something about it:    I often connect my X1 Yoga 3rd gen via TB3 or USB-C dock, leave the lid closed, and wake it by pressing a key on the external keyboard. When I do this I […]

Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen6 and issues with Thunderbolt 3 dock

We purchased a new X1 Carbon 6th Gen with the new Thunderbolt 3 Dock Win 10 1803 and have had all kinds of problems. Bad enough to consider other brand alternatives. All Lenovo drivers are current, we updated the firmware and drivers for the dock. With that we still have the following problems and dont […]

K8 Plus Wifi connectivity issues

Dear Technician/Forum members,     I am using K8 plus 4GB RAM version.   I had no issues connecting to my wify modem at home or anywhere else…till last month…without any new updates on my phone.   Since last month, whenever i connect to wify at my home…it is saying authentication problem.. i tried the […]