Yoga 370 – which models have so-dimm slot?

Which models of the ThinkPad Yoga 370 have a SO-DIMM memory slot? Or how to determine/find this based on part number (e.g. 20JJS00100 has it based on notebookcheck review)? Does it correspond to some letter/digit in the part no? Thinkpad T430s: can not change sleep settings Hello Everybody,   I’m using Thinkpad T430s  with docking […]

X1C6 or wait for X1C7?

I’ve read several posts regarding the X1C6 & the HDR screen and its pretty tempting to grab right now with the fantastic Lenovo sales prices…but wanted an opinion on a few things about it or whether I should just wait for the X1C7?   1) Right now, I can get the WQHD (matte) w/512GB SSD […]

Is the GTX 1070 able to work with the ThinkCentre M92p?

I would like to upgrade my GTX 960 to a 1070. My concern is if the motherboard can support a GTX 1070. I have already replaced the power supply so that is not an issue. Just would like to verify before I make a purchase.   Lenovo k6 power speaker issue Hello  w Iam using lenovo […]

Lenovo ideapad 100S-can't type in any numbers in the password box ,cant login.

Hello , I am not able to login to my lenovo ideapad 100s , Windows 10 OS, S/N-#########. When I switch on my pc, it displays “Please wait” for a long time , say 5-7 minutes, then the login screen appears. But I cant type any nemeric or special characters. Only some alphabets are allowed. […]

External displays only connect on at a time

I’ve been using my ProDock for well over 9 months with two displays connect to it. For some reason, I’ve always been forced to limit myself to one VGA connected display and one connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.   Now today for some reason, it suddenly will only connect one at a time. The moment […]

Color saturation Lenovo Tab 4 10

Hola. Ayer compré una Lenovo tab4 10, pero veo que tiene poca saturación del color y que los rojos tienden al naranja. No tengo opción de ajustar el tono de color, solo viene la opción de brillo en la pantalla, hay alguna app que me quede con esto? Mil gracias     [Help] Y520 Integrated […]

X1 Carbon 2ed gen. Battery invisible

Hello, i have a X1 2ed gen. Just purchased a new battery, after plugin it is not visible for Windows 10. Is there any place in the bios to check if it is visible there ?  Any reset action should be done after the replacment?    Once i plugin the old one, it is visib,e […]

Upgrade X1C6 BIOS from 1.22 or don't poke the bear?

Everything seems to be running fine.  Temps between 50 and 70 C, both standalone and docked to TB3 Dock.  Anything in 1.25 that would suggest I should update?   Thanks,   X1C6 Positive Report! I’m posting this for others considering this model.  I was cautious given all the complaints about heat, fan, throttling, TB3 Dock […]

RS160 – Internal Drive Bays – Where to purchase?

Recently we just bought a new RS160 (70TG) with the chassis designed to hold two 3.5" drive bay holders.   Unfortunately the holders didn’t come with the actual machine.   Despite finding what I think is the part number (either 00HV806 or 00HV924) on the support site I can’t find anywhere to order this part.   […]

India – Vodafone & Airtel Volte Update K8

Team we need OTA update to support India – Vodafone & Airtel Volte feature. When can we receive same. T580 BIOS Update 1.22 breaks Thunderbolt Hi all,   I have a Thinkpad T580 and a Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen2. It worked fine until now. I updated the Dock Firmware, and everything worked. I updated the BIOS from […]