Satechi Aluminum Type-C Pro Hub Adapter for Yoga 920

Is the Satechi Aluminum Type-C Pro Hub Adapter compatible with the yoga 920? I cannot find specs on the distance between the 2 usb-c prongs of the hub nor do I have information if the thickness of the hub is less than that of the yoga (so the yoga will still sit level even with the […]

Lenovo K5 plus update issue

The Lenovo K5 plus smartphone got an update but it fails everytime. I think it is an volte Jio update. So I can’t use the custom dialer to make a phone call ,I have to use the jiovoice application.  Therefore I went to the Lenovo service center,they are very rude. They took 175 rupees only […]

Lenovo Thinkpad S540 Wlan Wifi problems disconnections with win10 – Windows 10

Hello,   I had some problems with diconnections and bad wlan. I have tried already "all what i can do", but I dind’t find a solution. But now, one or two years later, me and my father was drinking some beer and we were trying everthing we can find in whole internet about wifi […]

Thinkpad Chromebook 13 Hardware Refresh?

Hi,   I really like the Thinkpad look and feel (and of course the keyboard) and I’m in the market for a new Chromebook.  But I’m a bit reluctant to buy a model which seems to be 2 years old already.   Is there any information available on when we might expect a hardware refresh […]

USB C – Hub doesn't work

I bought USB-C Hub C115 but it doesn’t work. I’m using it with Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. I plugged it to TV and Screen but it does nothing. For sure I tested it with another phones but nothing changed. What could be the problem? How to renew my Windows8.1 on my old computer My old […]

Lenovo yoga 710 15IKB non-stop freeze on simple task!!! Faulty CPU ? SSD? MOTHERBOARD?

Bought the laptop in 2016. Went through 2016 and 2017 without a problem. But since the end of 2018, around September-October, the laptop hangs on me a lot. Even on a simple task like opening the battery settings. Today, it froze after 2 minutes of usage !!!  Went to staples, because I have an extended […]

ThinkPad p73 random reboots

Hi!   I own a brand new p73 (product name 20QRS03C00, Windows 10 pro) for two weeks now and during last week, it rebooted three times without any warning. The only pattern I noticed is that in all three cases, I was moving the mouse when it happened. It never happened when I was for […]

Lenovo G500 CPU Upgrade problem

Hi I have a older G500. I am planning to upgrade to SSD and put 4more GB RAM in it. I also want to improve processor if possible. I’ve seen others have issues with Bios and turbo. Is there somewhere I can find out the best processor that will work with a high degree off […]

Screen flickers when Wifi or Bluetooth is on

So my problem is that the screen would flicker, then turn off completely when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on. I have the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 460. It is also known as the Thinkpad Yoga 14", and the P40 Yoga is essentially the same model with a different graphics card.   The problem started only after around 9 months […]

X1 Yoga 3 fan noise suddenly different – out of balance?

I have a basically brand new X1 Yoga 3rd gen. Just now out of the blue the fan sound changed from an audible but pleasant ‘whoosh’ sound to something more like a little motor with a clear tone. The laptop was just sitting still when this happened.   If I pick up the laptop and […]