K8 Plus And K8 Note Hotspot Issues

I have a K8 Plus (with latest update) and a k8 note 2018 (Not Upgraded To Oreo), Thing is both of them can create hotspot and that shows up just fine on all of my windows 10 Computers and other android phones, but on the same computer (dual boot) when i use ubuntu (linux) then […]

Google play icon glitch

Hello, I have a Lenovo Z6 PRO, global ROM. The issue I have is an icon glitch on the google play app. It is not underperforming or causing errors, its just a graphic issue that bugs me everytime I see it. The icon seems to be the square version and not the circle one. When […]

Can any one tell me jan 22 2019 update is fake news or not

Can any one tell me Lenovo k8 note jan 22 2019 maintenance release not is fake or note. In think no one get that update properly. please answer me Lenovo teams SD Card Reader in Thinkpad Edge e330 will it handle a 128 GB flash Card ? Can the SD Card Reader in Thinkpad Edge […]

Old ThinkVision L191p bleeding and ghosting (Windows 7)

Hi there,   I have this old L191p ThinkVision monitor I intended to expand my T440p desktop estate. However, the driver is nowhere to be found, and more annoying, it displays heavy color bleeding and ghosting, making the text difficult to read.. Very visible on the right side of the text.   For the record, […]

ThinkPad X1C7 Thunderbolt 3 connection problems

Thinkpad X1 Carbon 7th Gen, connected to Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Windows 10 1903 Installed current Thunderbolt 3 firmware for Thinkpad, Thunderbolt drivers for Thinkpad, firmware for docking station.   The issue I’m facing is that the Thinkpad sometimes loses connection to the docking station completely, so not only data, but also power supply. […]

A397i model fake !??

Yestersay I bought a lenovo mobile model a397i but when i check the imei it shows me that the brand is winds mobile. So do you have a model called A397i or is it a fake mobile? And if it is fake do i have the right to return to the seller at lowyat plaza […]

Yoga 3 14 won't turn on

Hello everyone,   My Lenovo Yoga 3 14 inches has stopped working yesterday. The battery was supposedly fully charged but it didn’t turn on.Here are the methods I tried found on different forums: -Push power button for 30 seconds -Removing battery -> power button 30secs -> battery on and with and without power cord -Draining […]

Lenovo B50 windows 8

Hi everybody I have a windows lenovo B50m it arrive to me today from a friend, and it is not booting It display bluescreen with Recovery   See advance repair options + Restart my pc   when I restart the pc, it eventually comes back to this same message   Windows 8.1   to repair […]

Hotkeys for sounds stopped working after update

After installing the update (as attached): ThinkPad Hotkey Features Integration Packagae 10 [64] v. – the mute microphone button (F4) no longer functions at all – no light or muting – the mute sound button does mute but no longer has the light to show this   Can anyone help me get this functionality back? […]

Lenovo Z2 plus display replacement.

Hi All,   I have Lenovo Z2 plus phone. I live in Ahmedabad. I have damaged the screen accidentally. And I went to service center. Where i got to know that the screen is not available from Lenovo. The screen is not available after 1 month. And they told me that there is no time […]