Appeal to get Fn Lock

I have an  Ideapad S540, and it doesn’t come with Fn Lock. It’s very annoying to use the Function keys (F1-F12) in combination with Fn Key. I would request you to bring a software update which would enable Fn Lock (Fn + Esc) which is quite common these days in a lot of laptops. x3650 […]

IdeaPad Y550P Battery Not Charging – BIOS Update Required?

I have an IdeaPad Y550P (bought in 2010) running on Windows 10 and I recently ordered a new battery for it but it wont charge. The seller first suggested that I uninstall MS ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and rescan for hardware changes in Device Mgr. When that didnt work the seller said the laptop’s BIOS needs […]

Calendar display and related skills don't work in show mode

Hi there   I have setup my Smart tab and dock, and all the Alexa skills work in Show mode except ones related to displaying or reading out the calendar.  In show mode, it will not display calendar entries on the screen, and Alexa simply times out when asked a question about the calandar.    […]

Update advices

Hi everyone! Yoga 530 -14AAR start issue Hello,   before i start i want to say that my english isnt the best so please be gentle 😀 I bought a new Yoga 530-14AAR and i recently updated windows and all the lenovo support stuff i needed to run the system. After all my "lenovo active […]

Tab 4 8 Plus, wifi keeps breaking down after the latest upgrade

After enjoying a while after the update fixed the SD card problem, the latest update recently makes the wifi connection keeps breaking down. **bleep**, how is wrong with you Lenovo? I am using a LG phone at the same time with the same wifi connection without any problem, my tab 4 8 Plus didn’t have […]

Battery 'Plugged in, Charging it but stuck at 0% help please

Yesterday I notice that my PC is closed after removing the chargeur when I go to battery menu they tell me Battery ‘Plugged in, Charging it but stuck at 0% I try 5 hours but Bettery still at 0% I have contact Microsoft and Microsoft technician checked my device compatibility and determined that device is not […]

The latest notebook manufactured under the IBM brand ?

Which was the latest notebook manufactured under the IBM brand? Was it R61e ??? I searched a bit, but I did not find exact information. Bomc is not working Product list is not updating in bomc 11.2.1 version also. Problem with my DVD drive from my Lenovo B590 Hello, first of all, forgive my English is […]

Tab 4 10 Plus LED lights

I have read the previous forum post and the solutions in it do not exist on my tablet.  I have a brand new Tab 4 10 Plus, updated right out of the box.  Then I factory reset to be safe.  There are no options ANYWHERE to turn off the LED lights.  I even tried Do […]

Upgrade Thinkpad T470p from i5 to i7

Is it possible to upgrade my Core (TM) i5-7300HQ CPU 2.5 Ghz to i7 and, if so, which specific processor would I need? Many thanks! Lenovo legion y730, Wifi disconnection I bought a new lenovo legion y730, when i installed the new wifi driver, it has frequent sudden disconnections. When i installed the previous driver, […]

K8 Note NMB26.54-94 have to restart the phone before charging

Everytime I have to restart the phone,for charging it   Admin note; subject edited for clarity Cannot update T470 BIOS from version 1.30 Hi,   I’ve been having an issue for a while now where I cannot update my BIOS from version 1.30. I additionally appear to be having issues with the Intel ME:   […]