Lenovo y520 coil whine

COIL WHINE annoying sound .it started suddenly yesterday in light browsing and it hasn’t stopped since then . it starts when fans turn on and as fans start to spin faster it gets louder, also it vibrates above the keyboard between F5 and F8 keys.i have cleaned the fans with a vacuum from outside but i […]


hey i need help  today I went ot the service centre and found my charging port had some issues on my lenovo k6 power. the service centre people told that they have to change the entire to change charging port is it true? or are they lying? They told that charging port is connected to […]

For any phone bug issues, directly mail to Lenovo customer care

Hello forum members,  There are lot more questions here and the forjm agents are unavle to solve any of them.    I request u to write directly to lenoco customer care with ur problems. They are there to help u. Not these forum members. They will tell u everytime to reset ur phone.   Email […]

System Update :

Hello,   When I run System Update (5.07.0078) on my E540, I get the error message "Exception Not Expected was encountered!".   installing external gpu lenovo c540 hi im looking to use an external gpu for my c540,  there is a open slot for the mini pcie on the board but that cable goes to […]


Model  20QD0000US  Intel Core i7  1080p  14" Touchscreen FHD Display  512 GB SSD, 16GB RAM    Purchased the X1 7th generation @ Costco 3 days ago. I know they made the battery smaller compared to the 6th gen; however @ 98% charge it reads 4 hours 55 minutes.      Have been keeping track of the […]

No audio ThinkPad Yoga 11e 3rd Gen

My ThinkPad Yoga 11e 3rd Gen stopped playing sound from the built in speakers and through the headphones jack. I can still play audio through my bluetooth headphones. The audio icon is visible and not muted and the speakers are the default playback device. I unstalled the audio driver and re-installed it from a freshly […]

How to find out exactly if my Lenovo MIIX 320-10ICR can have a nanosim?

I just bought one of those and refered to the manual online. It just say to refer to the actual model if it has or not nanosim support but I can’t find anything further. The card tray looks exactly like the one in the manual. Is there a way to tell if it supports it […]

Y530 USB-C port is always on how to disable it

The USB-C port of my laptop seems to be always on, even though I disabled the USB always on option in BIOS.   I connected a USB-C hub to it and connected a keyboard a mice and a cooler to the hub. When i shut down the computer keyboard mice and cooler keeps running.   […]

lenovo 300-20ish 90da won't post after failed bios update

https://support.lenovo.com/downloads/ds105641Tried to update BIOS with that tool on the linkall the windows stuff worked, but when the machine rebooted, it hanged up on a black screen, left it overnight and still no go   PC powers on but throws no image neither on HDMI no VGAAs for the speakers, not a beep, not a chime, nada, […]

Lenovo A Plus: Cannot start the phone!!

Once the phone enters the restart process, it would be hanging in the starting screen (the white background with Levono logo ) for one minute, and then the screen would be black out.  It seems the phone is down at the moment, however, the power button is still working, where I can choose to restart, […]