Unable to connect the cellular connection (diagnosis indicates´broadband device is locked with PIN2)

My windows 10 Lenovo Yoga Book is right now unable to connect the Cellular Connection after two years of correct working.on  I have confirmed the SIM is working properly in other devices, I have used a new SIM and the troubke and the diagnostic is the same).   The diagnostic is "Enter a SIM PIN2 […]

Lenovo Legion Y520 – SSD

I have a Lenovo Y520, and it came with a 250GB SSD disk, does that mean there is another SSD slot where I can install another SSD? L480 – Unable to detect AC adapter but laptop is charging Hi everyone,   i am having a weird issue here. The battery icon will not change to charging […]

Want help finding the ultimate "I can connect to this" on-the-go USB dock for my Yoga 720

Copied from my post here     Hi all. I bought a Yoga 720 laptop, and as some of y’all know, it has very, very limited connectivities (2x USB 3.0’s and a TB3). I expect to use this for all manner of presentations and such, and I am looking for a hub that literally…does it all. […]

Yoga 2Pro some keys not working after update a week ago. Also, Short cut keys not working copy past

Thinkpad T440 Tocuhpad not working on Windows 10 Sorry, but at this point I’m really very annoyed. How can a bloody OS not support properly the most common think you find on a laptop – oooo – a touchpad. I’ve just installed windows 10 from scratch and my tocuhpad does not work. 1. It is […]

Y25f not displaying image or anything

I just received a replacement for my monitor that wasn’t working correctly (it was skipping frames). I plugged everyting in and there’s nothing on the screen. The power indicator light is amber, not completely black and not as bright as it is when it’s supposed to be on. Nothing happens when I press the buttons […]

Review of the 'John' from the tech chat

i have been having a long ruinning issue with the secondary hard drive on my lenovo y910 laptop. connected to the online chat today and waited 20 mins to connect to an advisor, despite being number 1 in the que. eventually i get the "Hi, my name is John. How may i help you?" message […]

Y520-15IKBM performance and driver problem

Hi, I have a lenovo legion Y520-15IKBM model laptop and it has a gtx1060 maxq 6gb. My problem is when i open cs go it has same fps when i make the settings like very high or low(90-120fps).Also sometimes pc gets slow at autucad and sometimes photoshop works with the intel gpu not with nvidia gpu […]

Has the Yoga Book C930 been discontinued?

There was hope for upgraded models, but I see a post suggesting an 8GB version will not be available in the US.   The UK site still has a page for the YB C930, but also states no models available to buy.   The US site still lists the YB C930 at a reduced price, […]

Connecting to multiple apps on M 10 _ many will not connect

Cannot connect to Facebook app on tablet, downloaded from play    Cannot connect to Amazon music   Cannot connect to Facebook in games downloaded from play   Endless issues!   Thinkpad T61 Bios Broken I tryed to update bios to last version, everything went flawless, all was fine. So i shutted down the laptop. When i […]

Won't run on charger/power adapter Flex 4-1470

14 month old Flex 4-1470 Laptop will not operate if the charger/power adapter is plugged in.  Immediately powers off.  Runs fine on battery. Battery almost dead.  Tried to do BIOS update – but that requires AC power!  Have replaced the AC adapter – no change. Laptop Freezes I have a fairly new Ideapad 320-15ABR 80XS. It’s […]