A few questions about undervolting Y540. (BD Prochot, Speed Shift, TDL, in particular)

I understand the basics of undervolting (the core and cache), but don’t quite have a grasp on some of the other settings.  I’ll make this quick! 1. BD PROCHOT – Check or Uncheck this?  I have seen people saying to check it, and others to say to uncheck it. 2. Speed Shift EEP – Check […]

W530 Motherboard Compatibility…

Hi Guys,   I have a 04X1505 in my W530. I suspect it’s on its way out…   Can someone please tell me if a 04Y1874 compatible?     04X1505 – Q1 N-AMT Y-TPM 04Y1874 – Q3 N-AMT Y-TPM   I gather it’s the graphics chip that’s different?   Also, is there any way of telling if the 04Y1874 has a 1920 x […]

Ideapad Stuck on Lenovo Diagnosing Repair Screen

My daughter’s Lenovo Ideapad 110 is stuck on the Lenovo Diagnosing Repair Screen.  I cannot get it to boot up.  I have read online that the computer can do a diagnostic check but I cannot get the compter to move past the Lenovo logo screen.  Any help would be appreciated.  This lap top is out […]

Stability issues when using Extreme X1 with TP Thunderbolt 3 Dock

I’ve been experiencing general stability issues with the ThunderBolt 3 dock. I purchased Extreme X1 for work because of the impressive specs and portability of the device. Overall I’ve been very pleased with the performance and build quality of the device and Lenovo’s software suite makes keeping everything up to date really easy.   WIth […]

Iomega ix4-200d – Getting Access

I hope someone can help me with this one as I have reached my point of incompetence. I have a Raid 5 StorCenter ix4-200d, which has worked great for years.   Last night the power went off and back on several minutes later, so my device wasn’t properly shutdown. It has run fine for years […]

Lenovo A7000 : Inaccurate rotation sensor

Hi everyone. I have Lenovo A7000 phone and I really like it but one thing is driving me crazy. Rotation sensor is quite inaccurate. When I keep phone still on flat surface, values given by rotation sensor jerking around ± 1-15 degrees what is really big inaccuracy, especially in VR. Can I somehow repair it […]

TS140 Can't legacy boot after update to FBKTCWAUS

After updating my TS140 to the latest bios i can’t boot to esxi 6.7, when trying to legacy boot i only get a blinking cursor, if i try to uefi boot the esxi boots but errors out saying that secure boot isn’t enabled. i have tried enabling secure boot but i get the same error, […]

Flashing Bios from SCCM (TS, FullOS)

Hi All,   I have followed the ThinkDeploy blogs instructions and succesfully deployed BIOS updates in Windows 10 machines with a Full OS task sequence. (http://thinkdeploy.blogspot.com/2017/09/dynamically-update-bios-on-think.html)   The trouble i have got is running it on Windows 7. The powershell version that we got there is v.2 so i think there is some syntax that […]

Halo Keyboard not responding on one side.

Hello,    I bought a Lenovo Yoga A12 Android tablet for my son. It worked fine until recently the right side of the Halo keyboard stopped responding.  The left side stil works fine but the right side just stopped responding. For you to imagine on a qwerty layout everything right of the letter "b" is […]

Re: T460S Touchpad Problem

Hello Sir   I have another problem, I have installed linux mint, and the touchpad doesn’t work properly  as in moving stop suddenly like the user who uploaded the following video    Go to https://youtu.be/p0JhPs-hI-Q T420 Keyboard faults Hello!   So today, I decided to replace the thermal paste on my CPU as I was […]