Lenevo k5 note dead

I bought my Lenevo k5 note phone in Feb 2017 from India and till last week it was working perfectly fine but suddently its now completely dead, not even powering on. If I put on charger, it’s getting hot like anything. Currently we are staying in Netherlands and do not find any Lenevo smart phone service […]

who had T580 for a bit – any ragrets? would you still buy it?

so i’m thinking about getting one. i wonder if there are any hidden flaws i should know about    or just your general thoughts about one   thanks in advance No signal to 2nd monitor when laptop lid is open – ThinkPad P50 and Ultra Dock 40A5 When the P50 is docked with the lid […]

P52 – Sleep issue

My P52 has a sleep/hibernation issue.   The machine will go to sleep after fx. 20 mins. as defined in power settings – I will wake it up and then work normally for 2-3 mins., before it it will go to sleep mode again. It will keep going into sleep mode for very short intervals afterwards. […]

Lenovo ix4-300d firmware 4.1.304.34286 download

Hi everyone,   i want to upgrade the firmware of my lenovo nas.   I see a new firmware available on my nas control panel but the provided link doesn’t work.   Anyone can help me please?   Thx thinkpad t450 ssd M2 2242 Just to be sure, can i fit  Transcend MTS400, M.2 – […]

V310-15ikb M2 sata SSD dont boot OS

Hello!   I have a v310 laptop with 1 tb HDD and plextor px-256s3g m2 SSD. I tryed install win10 64 bit to m2 ssd. After restart i see error message:   file: bootbcd status: 0xc0000e9 info: an unexpected i/o error has occurred.   I set uefi, legacy mode in bios. secure boot on/off.   […]

P51s: BitLocker, TPM, alternate boot devices

zoltanthegypsy – question regarding P51s and recovery. I have a requirement to backup nightly (Acronis 2019) using two rotating 4TB USB drives (one drive is always off-site while the other is connected to the PC). Backing up to the Cloud was considered a security risk and not approved, thus the USB drives. Currently, I perform […]

Thunderbold 3 is missing from device manager and cannot get updated(x1 carbon 5th)

Hi I’m using X1 carbon 5th and Thunderbolt ports are not working at all.   So I tried to reinstall TB3 firmware and  when installing the thunderbolt firmware update utility I receive the following error:   "No active Thunderbolt(TM) controller found in the system or Thunderbolt software is not present in the system. Make sure […]

Lenovo T450 does not recognise the inserted SIM card

Hello everyone, I hope that someone will be able to help me out here. My Thinkpad T450 is equiped with Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE adaptor. The only SIM card recognised by it is issued by Telenor in Bulgaria. If I switch the Telenor SIM card with another SIM card e.g. issued by Max Telecom […]

Lenovo y530 low CPU usage but persistent max CPU frequency

As the name suggests, my CPU usage is less than 5% but my CPU core frequency is always maxed out at 3990Mhz. Even after changing best performance plan to better battery, the CPU frequency maxed out at 798MHz and refused to drop to zero. Does anyone have any recommendations to terminate any hidden processes that […]

New Lenovo Legion™ Gaming PCs are Stylish on the Outside, Savage on the Inside

New Lenovo Legion™ Gaming PCs are Stylish on the Outside, Savage on the Inside Lenovo™ Debuts Six New Lenovo Legion Laptops, Towers and Cubes at E3   A little over a year since unveiling Lenovo Legion, our dedicated sub-brand for PC gaming, we’re maintaining our commitment to providing premium and powerful gaming experiences with the […]