Question about Lenovo K5 Play Global Version firmware updates

  1. Hello I bought Lenovo K5 Play Global Version (Android version: 8.0.0; Android security patch level: July 1, 2018; Current Lenovo System Version: 3.7.255 ST) Are You going to update Android version to 8.1 or 9.0? How about newer Android security patches?    2. By the way, how I can contact Lenovo by email? When […]

How to use SAS HDD's on Lenovo ThinkStation S30?

I am currently using 3 SATA HDD’s on my Lenovo ThinkStation S30. I now wish to switch to SAS HDD’s. I see that the motherboard is equipted with 3 blue coloured SATA ports for the use of SAS drives.I have 2 questions: 1. How can I get SAS drives to work when PSU and board has SATA […]

how to activate safe mode in my Lenovo smart phone S 5

Hi there, I want to know, . Android version 8.0.0   Admin note: subject edited for clatity. Lenovo Flex 2-15 sound speaker still working even though earphone is plugged Isit I need to reinstall Flex 2-15 sound driver? Where can I download it? Lenovo 730 13" Green line on Screen Hello, My Lenovo 730’s screen […]

Legion Y540 17" eats power tips

I have some serious heating issues with my Legion Y540 17".  When gaming, the laptop gets so hot it eats the tips of the power adapters.   Here’s a picture:   I bought two additional power adapters, and all three ended up looking exactly the same.  The yellow tips get burned away in the middle.  […]

K8 plus battery issue..drains.faster

Moved to existing thread. Thinkstation P410 fails to boot after BIOS update I have a Thinkstation P410 workstation and am unable to get the workstation to boot. I recently installed a BIOS update via the Lenovo Vantage software. The installation appeared to complete successfully and it asked me to reboot the workstation. Upon reboot the […]

Lenovo 520S (Thinkcentre) all in one – Second Monitor

I have purchased a Lenovo 520S (Thinkcentre) all in one and am trying to connect the second monitor.  When I plug in the second monitor it would not detect the second monitor (Phillips 27 inch monitor).  I comes up with "check cable connection".  I purchased a new hdmi cable, turned off the monitor at the power supply […]

Lenovo Yoga 920 does not meet Microsoft's standard hardware security requirements

The first UEFI rootkit has been spotted in the wild, called LoJax (**bleep**ized/trojanized version of Absolute Software’s LoJack) and it’s apparently very nasty if it compromises your computer – the malware can survive Windows reinstallation, and replacement of the motherboard is the only way to make sure it’s gone.  Read more from security vendor ESET […]

Yoga 730-13IKB Type-C to VGA/HDMI Adapter

Hi, I want to projector my screen to projector but encounter problem and not work. I already purchased three Type-C to VGA/HDMI adapter with different brand. But no one work for my Yoga 730-13IKB. And I already updated to latest drivers from Lenovo and Microsoft. Even fresh re-install Windows 10. Anyone have idea about this? Or […]

Adjusting player height

My 10 year old son must look up to the ceiling in order to see opposing player.  Is there a way to adjust the height so that he is looking straight? w540 second hard drive is missed sometime Hello,  I have lenovo w540 laptop, the model goes with two hard drives – ssd and hdd. […]

Y520 – System freeze when installing from windows update

I bought  a new computer Y520 tower, and when i install windows from scratch at the startup , when windows are asking for checking for updates and then begin. The whole computer freeze, not even ctrl/alt delete works. After a couple o hours its ready. But when a checking for more updates through windows update […]