External monitor randomly has black bar on bottom or top (flex 6-14ikb)

Hi – On a Lenovo Flex 6-14ikb connected to a monitor via HDMI, occassionally a black bar appears across the top or bottom (never both) of the screen, and the mouse is unable to go to that area. The only way to remove it is to move the mouse to the laptop monitor, go to […]

x1 yoga replacing Oled with QHD

I have a X1 Yoga 1st gen OLED with cracked screen. After I tried unsuccessfully to order a OLED replacement through Taobao (all out of stock)now I am in the process of replacing it with a 2560X1440 LCD LED all parts I ordered seem to be fitting:# 00UR191 Screen Touch digitiz Assembly QHD 00UR191 2560X1440 LCD LED# 00JT849  cable LCD display EDP […]

toucj pad not working legion 530

hi. i read all article here about touch pad of legion 530.   now its not working at all.   someone can help?   which touch pad i have inme legion 530? synaptech or elan ?! Stuck in night mode Solved (looked through the forum and reached eye mode and distabled it. Now I have […]

E: Drive Dissapeared

This started a couple days ago. My E: drive started to dissapear and I wouldhave to restart my computer to get it back and then it would vanish again after a minute. But today, it completly dissapeared. I tried restarting but it didn’t come back. Everything I had on it vanished completely and it was nowhere […]

Lenovo Vantage

This is my first time using .   Clearly I am signed into my Lenovo account using Microsoft Edge however when I try logging into Vantage itself it says my username and password is incorrect.    I am defintely typing it exactly the same way as I have in Edge.   Please help! Lenovo Patch […]

Is it possible to change the hd LCD screen of ideapad 330s 15” to an ips FHD screen?

I bought on a quick sale the Lenovo ideapad 330s 15.6”, but the problem i have its just that has an awful LCD tn screen with only (1366 x 768) bad color and brightness, so i want to change this to a Full HD (1920 x 1080) ips screen. Is it possible the upgrade? or […]

T530 28++ slice battery problem

 Hello!   I have a Lenovo T530. I bought a 28++ slice battery (I used it for a T420. After I bougth a T530. It worked with T530 too). It worked correctly but now it says: The battery installed is not supported by this system and wil not charge. Please replace the battery with correct […]

P51 OK to use one memory slot in each bank?

Hi, I have a new P51 with 16GB (1 DIMM) and want to upgrade it to 32GB. I will have the additional single 16GB DIMM shortly. I am also adding an additional M.2 SDD which only requires removing the bottom cover to gain access to the SDD slots. I am guessing (only a guess) the […]

Yoga 520-14IKB HDMI output

Is there any way to get higher than 1080p resolution on an external monitor through HDMI from a Yogo 150 14-IKB?   I’ve just bought a monitor that can do up to 2560×1440 @ 60Hz (as it can when connected to my other laptop which has a 16" screen that natively runs 1366×768, using AMD […]

Lenovo 100e (81CY) and PXE Boot

I have a demo Lenovo 100e (81CY) that I am trying to make sure will PXE boot. This will allow me to place our school district image on it. However, none of the USB adapters that I purchased will show up in the boot menu. USB 2.0 or 3.0. Do I have to purchase the […]