Lenovo Vantage (Please read post before telling me to go elsewhere)

FYI this is the best place i could find to my knowledge to post this questions that will actually let me post.   So I have lenovo vantage installed on my Y740 and it never saves my hotkey preferences. Every SINGLE day i have to change it back. Even the menu you bring up with […]

Tab 7 tb-7504 tablet display format (za380105se)

Hi I just bought this Lenovo tablet but I found the display to be 18:9. Is there a 16:9 version of this model available? or is there a model with equal specs (perhaps not lower) 7 inches display? Thanks  keyboard keys not working Lenovo Yoga 730-15IWL I bought this Lenovo laptop in January (not even […]

2019 X1Extreme – RealTek HD Audio Manager – Exist?

I have a fairly new X1 Extreme.  I’m trying to find the RealTek HD Audio Manager, but cannot find it.  Is there such an app on the X1 Extreme?   I’ve tried using the windows search feature in the lower left of Windows 10 task bar, but it does not find the RealTek app.    […]

Help needed. Lenovo Y700 15isk is stuck in a startup loop.

Hey everyone, I’m in a bit of a pickle.   Yesterday my girlfriend got impatient with my laptop shutting down and held down the on/off switch until it closed.   Ever since it will start up and show the lenovo logo, then after a couple of seconds it’ll restart and continue to do so over […]

Cannot plug in the adapter for thinkpad X1C 5th

Hi all,   I just wonder what is the proper status for the original AC adapter for X!C 5th. I just cannot plug it more and it seems abnormal.    Any help? function key Some function key combinations fail on Lenovo Ideapad 320S-15ikb Type 81BQ When I press FN + F4 (mute) or FN + […]

Ram Install Issue – Not booting

Hi,   I have a ThinkStation D20. I have 3 x 2gb installed at the moment of 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500E.   I wanted to upgrade so purchased an 8gb in a single DIMM, I have installed all of the DIMMs;   DIMM1 – 8GB 4Rx8 PC3-8500R DIMM2 – 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500E DIMM3 – 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500E DIMM4 […]

DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

We have x3650 M5 which is having some hardware issues & it have ESXI 6.5 installed. The IBM support is asking for DSA logs, Since it does not have windows base OS, therefore whats the alternate way to collect compelte DSA logs?   Is there any bootable DSA CD via which I can boot & […]

keyboard lag with google meet (L390)

I have a new L390 running windows 10 using the latest chrome browser. Everything is fine so far, but when using Google Meet (https://meet.google.com/) I experience a terrible keyboard lag. That means typed letters would show up with a high delay. Often I stop typing and new letters are still being "processed" on the screen. […]

Battery consumption patterns

I acquired a T480 last month which by design operates on two batteries (1 – internal 24Wh; 2 – external 72Wh). One of the first odd behaviours I observed was battery 1 won’t charge beyond 80% and only charge battery 2.   T480 battery 1 not charging from thinkpad   As with observation notes put […]

New Quote Tab in DCSC XLS Export

For Lenovo internal users and Partners launching DCSC from within the Partner Portals, there is a new tab in the XLS quote sheet.   Labeled as ‘Quote w availability’.   Issue "There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue" Hello,   I just bought a Lenovo Legion Y530 15 i7-8GB-1TB+128GB SSD PCIe  with […]