What is the audio codec used in lenovo 330 ikb i3 8th gen laptop? please help

hi all i would like to know the audio codec( ex:ALC269) of lenovo 330 I5I KB i3 8th gen laptop.. any help will be appreciated..   Thanks in advance Legion y520 ssd https://www.solotodo.com/products/49614-western-digital-black-250-gb-wds250g2x0c   Will the m.2 wd digital black have issues with lenovo legion y520? (15ikbn)   X1 Yoga 3rd Gen 3rd party charger […]

Yoga 530-14IKB: stylus insufficiently configurable + cannot right click and drag

Hello, I have a new Yoga 530 laptop and I am having troubles to configure the pen which is shipped with it. There are two problems: 1) The buttons on the pen cannot be configured to send mouse button signals: particularly, ability to press middle mouse button would be great. (For example if working with […]

Tab 4 10 plus oreo update

When lenovo tab4 4 10 plus will get Oreo update. All other are now getting pie taste and this tablet not got a single major update although it’s a premium android tablet of lenovo brand Lenovo – 320-15ABR 15.6" Laptop battery only lasts about an hour After rebooting, the battery for  Lenovo – 320-15ABR 15.6" Laptop […]

Ideapad 330-14IKB: Intel Graphics doesn't open

Hi, After of update the graphics drivers (UHD 620, Intel i5 850U) using Lenovo Vantage, I cannot open the Intel Graphics Panel, neither appears  the right click menu or some configuration of Intel. Simply Intel Graphics disappeared. I tried fix it reinstalling drivers from Intel website, on Windows Update and the website Support of Lenovo, but […]

Y510P replaced motherboard, SN setting

Hello all, I have replaced my Lenovo Y510p laptop motherboard. (old one died on me) now all seems to be wotking as before only don’t have the SN burned in the BIOS and the type. I have read on the net that on the thinkpad there is a way to do it by software provieded […]

X1E sitting in Service for 3 weeks and counting. Unprofessional Support from Lenovo

My Laptop has been sitting in their service room for 3 weeks and they still can’t answer when they can deliver their service. "Colon/semicolon", "Fn" and "print screen" keys stopped working Hi,   I got into a little bit of a pickle with my built-in keyboard in Thinkpad Yoga 460 – the "Colon/semicolon", "Fn" and "print […]

What are my RAM (and storage) upgrade possibilities for my IdeaPad 330S-15ARR 81FB005MUK?

Hi!  First post on this forum!   I’ve read similar posts on this topic and would like some clarification.   I’ve read the April 2018 Hardware Maintenance Manual which states that my model has 4GB DDR4-2400 soldered onto the motherboard with the ability to add a SODIMM of an additional (supported) 4GB.  Is this capacity actually limited […]

MSDTC errors on Lenovo X1

I have a new Gen 6 Lenovo X1.    Out of the box I experienced COM+ and MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) errors.  Even after performing a clean install of Windows 10 from my Microsoft developer account (I’m a software developer), the COM+ subsystem gets corrupted after the first system update (I think it is device […]

ThinkServer SR630 and SR650 BMC default password???

Hi there We’ve just received a bunch of Lenovo servers. We’ve finally gotten the XClarity administration installed. Took quite a few attempts, as we don’t have a DHCP in the hosting center, and apparently the iso config file doesn’t work if you give empty IPV6 strings, stupid, well we finally got it working. Now we’re […]

Ideapad 330s 15ARR m.2 ssd not detected in Windows or BIOS

I’ve been having this problem for a few months now. I installed an ADATA m.2 NVME ssd and it would work initially for a few weeks to a month, then suddenly it just stops being detected by the laptop at all.  I thought this might’ve been the ssd malfunctioning, but after 3 replacements, I think […]