E555 bios advanced options

I’m wanting to access the advanced options on the bios of my E555. I’m trying to troubleshoot the poor performance that this laptop has had since it was new out of the box. My bios only shows me very basic options. Is there a way to enable advanced options or is this simply a basic […]

Lenovo z50-75 gradient banding dithering display issue

I’m a graphic designer, i have been searching for a solution for the gradient banding of the display for this model, i haven’t found anything, hoping for a fix or at least to continue the report of this very ugly issue. I have found that it have something to do with the color depth and […]

P330 Tower Power Supply Fan

I just got my brand new P330 tower. After 3 days of use I have noticed the power supply fan does not spin. I monitored it all day today and didn’t turn on at all. However, It does not seem to be causing any overheating problems. I have is the 250w PSU.   Before I call warranty support. Can […]

Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB Turbo Boost Now working during gaming

My Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB has 1.8ghz base frequecy and turbo boost(3.4ghz). It runs well while working all the stuff but whenever i try to playing game on it. It runs at its’s highest cpu speed(3.4ghz) only before loading game after loading complete it goes down to 1.58ghz limit. don’t know why this happning. If anyone […]

laptop for school

i’m looking for a cheap under $500 laptop for my daughter. Please recommend me one. Thanks K8 note Ring volume goes down suddenly This is a perennial problem. I’ve posted this problem esrliea too. While playing mefia, when I reduce vol, apparently ring vol too goes way down. I end up missing calls quite often. […]

Tablet broken for 8 months and still no resolution.

I have struggled with Lenovo customer support for 8 months now, with multiple failed repairs (the first of which I paid for), which were drawn out and returned to the wrong address etc. I have taken my case to the highest level of escalation (as far as I am aware) Customer Relations Case Manager for […]

How to do a full charge when "charge threshold" mode is activated

Hi, I just activated battery "charge threshold" mode (with the default 80-85%). Let’s say I need to charge the battery to 100% once a week, how do I do that without changing the threshold in Vantage?   Thank you!     how can i change the default keyboard light profile in Y740? there are 5 […]

Lenovo Yoga C930: Laptop switches modes randomly, sometimes thinks it's shut and just goes black!

Hi.   My keyboard stopped working out of the blue, and whenever I open the laptop it goes into tablet mode. Switching to laptop mode does not fix the keyboard issue.   Any help? Charge P52 over USB-C or with a lighter power brick I own a P52 (not P52s) with the model number 20M9CTO1WW.   […]

ThinkPad Carbon X1 Ver3 2018 – Fingerprint Scanner not working

  I removed and uninstalled the driver/software… now it does not say it’s disabled however it does not work either.  The WBDI Synaptic driver has not reinstalled and no matter what I try nothing tells me to install it again.  Help please!    Shasta Ideapad 510S screen backlight problem I have an 510S Ideapad  running […]

Lenovo Ideapad 330 15IGM WiFi Atheros Can't Connect

Hello to all,   I bought this notebook and I can’t connect to my home WiFi network. The router is D-Link DSR-250N. Is there someone with the same problem or someone from LENOVO support team to help? Cleaning lenovo ideapad 320 keyboard. Hello guys. Yesterday, i found out that my son spilled some liquid on […]