Volume randomly going to max on Lenovo Smart Display 8"

I recently (within the past month) purchased a Lenovo Smart Display 8" and for the most part I really like it.   However, it sporatically goes to maximum volume regardless of the application running – while it is displaying Flickr pictures most of the time so that is where most of the issues occur (& […]

Lenovo L380 Yoga: Audio lag issue

Hi all! I would like to know if any Lenovo L380 users have experienced audio lags? I am really beginning to hate the fact that everytime I listen to Youtube or any other website, I’d have to wait a second or two before I hear the audio.   I hope that someone can help me […]

Lenovo P2 fingerprint not available

Hello,   The fingerprint scanner stopped working without any reason. I checked the settings and the option doesn’t exist anymore. I did a factory reset on my phone, an update and the option is still not present in the settings.  There are other users on the forum complaining of the same issue and you have […]

Thinkpad Ultra Dock docking station – Compatible with T490(s)/T590(s) ?

Hi   I have searched on Lenovo’s pages and cannot find any documentation that confirms that "Thinkpad Ultra Dock" docking station (in my case 40AJ0135EU) is compatible with the latests T490(s)/T590(s) series.   Does anyone know?   Thanks Kind regards Lenovo Legion Y530 WI-FI bad performance on battery Greetings,I just bought the Lenovo legion Y530, and […]

Legion y530 freezing all the time

My Legion y530-15ICH 81FV is freezing all the time when playing games (and sometimes when using software like Excel). Note that this happens even in games that are literally 20 years old (e.g. Heroes of Might and Magic III from GOG) and other titles that should perform extremely well on this level of hardware. Freezing […]

Brand new 520S fan is really loud randomly

So I just bought the 520S ideapad. I just finished installing Windows and went to download chrome. That’s all I’ve managed to do with the laptop so far and the fan is just randomly going off really loud like all its processors are about to get overheated. I’m not sure what the deal is since […]

T-480 dual boot on two SSD's – reinstall Windows

Hello,   My T-480 came with Windows installed on the 128 GB Toshiba drive. I would like to reconfigure the system with Windows on the 512 GB Samsung drive and a Linux distro on the 128 GB Toshiba drive.   What is the best way to achieve this goal without driver issues or Lenovo tools […]

Horrible Ideapad

I bought one of the 120 series shortly before discontinuation. What a terrible device. Constant issues with network adapter. Lenovo already had it for repairs once, problems worse than ever afterward. I’d discourage anyone from buying the low-end Lenovos. Lenovo C30-50 will not powerup I have a Lenovo C30-50. It will not powerup. When the […]

APN settings getting deleted automatically

My operator apn settings getting deleted automatically very frequently…aftrr reboots only again it comes..is it phone problem or operator problem? Primary Display Monitor – Poor Display Hi everyone,   Hope all is well.   I’m running a T470S.  I have a primary display  (Samsung Syncmaster SA350) and my laptop screen is extended.   Recently, I’ve […]

Can’t connect to wireless

I’m having problems connecting to my wireless internet. This problem just occurred tonight after having laptop for months. Not sure if I inactivat d it by mistake. Help!!  Will X220 ever get a BIOS microcode patch for the Spectre? https://support.lenovo.com/tw/zh/solutions/len-18282   In this official support page of Lenovo, the X220 is not among the listed […]