Windows cannot be installed on this disk

Hi I’m installing a new Lenovo Thinkserver TS-450 (70TT002UEA)It is equipped with an AVAGO MegaRAID SAS 9340-8i controller and two Lenovo SAS 600 GB drives The RAID1 volume has been created and now that I want to install Lenovo Windows 2012 R2 Foundation the installation asks me whether I want to install a  "Storage Server" as […]

Hard Drive Upgrade Lenovo Z50 to SSD

I bought a 500GB SSD (samsung 860 evo). I need some help with transfering my HDD files to SDD.  My problem encountered: I didn’t see my SSD in the computer thru USD (not yet initialized). I dont know the partition stye needed (MBR or GPT). My files are greather the SSD files.   Please need help […]

Chrome lags while using 2 monitors

Hello everyone, From about 2 weeks I’m user of Lenovo Legion y720: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ver. 1709Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz16gb RAMNvidia GeForce 1060 6gb From the beginning I have a problem with the use of two monitors, namely when I connect a laptop monitor with the function of expanding screens and launching […]

Lenovo E490 Not Turned on by Dell WD15 USB-C Dock Power Button

I am trying to use an existing dock (Dell WD-15, DisplayPort over USB-C) with my Lenovo E490.   In the BIOS settings, if I set "Power on on AC Connect", then plug in the dock, it works (laptop powers on, monitor comes to life, it recognizes my USB keyboard connected to the dock).   But […]

Query about antivirus pre-installation

Recently I ordered a Lenovo IdeaPad 330 81de01jwin and it isn’t delivered yet. While purchasing I went through its specifications and there was no mention of any antivirus pre-installation. I want to know whether this laptop comes with any pre-installed antivirus or not? Wifi not working on Yoga 720 Hello, I bought my yoga 720 for […]

Monitor issues before login with Lenovo Ultradock and L540 notebook at Windows 10

Hi community,   I have a strange issue with different Lenovo L540 Notebooks running at Windows 10 1903 and Lenovo Ultradock.   If I start up the notebook at the docking station and the lid is clossed,  all two external monitors are up and I’m able to enter my Bitlocker key for example. When the […]

Projecting to ThinkPad X1 Tablet as External Monitor / Display – Lag? Hardwire option?

I’d like to use my X1 tablet as a second monitor for my T460. Two issues:   (1) When I Project to the X1 as a wireless display, there is a lot of lag, and the cursor disappears. Any fixes?  (2) Can I just connect it with a cable? How would I go about that?    […]

Please help – Yoga 720 Error – Blue Screen Netwtw06.sys – Several Times Daily

I am getting this screen several times a day which makes my computer restart and it’s driving me nuts.  Can someone please help me out?  Lenovo Vantage without tools Hi, I have a new Y530-15ICH (bought it 10 days ago). I’ve checked for update the system and just after I updated it, the app "Lenovo […]

3rd Gen Yoga X1 now available: But no WWAN Option?

So the X1 3rd gen is now availble in the US.  The description talks about optional LTE-A connectivity.  However, the specs…even all the way up to HDR 1tb 16gb unit only talk about WLAN AC and BT connectivity.   Can anyone confirm if the LTE-A chips are on ANY of the 3rd Gens?     Ready […]

Ideapad 330 battery removal.

I’ve removed the bottom case. Is the battery soldered on or something? I want to remove it so that I can run the laptop via the mains supply. I’m scared I will damage it if I try to yank it when it’s soldered on. Do I have to desolder to remove the battery (with the […]