Y530-15 doesn't detect gpu driver/BIOS update

So i received my brand new Y530-15 yesterday. It has 6gb GTX1060, 8gb DDR4, i5-8300h    When i wanted to update the gpu driver, it said supported device not found when i downloaded the gtx 1060 notebook driver on Nvidia website. It did install the gpu driver through GeForce Experience for some reason, but i couldn’t do […]

Helix 3701 Won't Boot into OS

Laptop turns on, goes straight to the "Boot Menu" screen and shows "ATA HDD0: TOSHIBA THNSNF256GMCS".  Selecting "Enter" or "Esc" just brings you right back to the same screen.  1. Can this be caused by something other than the SSD? 2. Is there a system restore partition on the SSD? (F9 or F11 isn’t working?) […]

Remove/update/re-install LenovoSupport_2.0.5.0_x86__k1h2ywk1493x8 ??

I am getting the following  Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime/Admin error on a Yoga 13   -EventData  PackageFullNameE046963F.LenovoSupport_2.0.5.0_x86__k1h2ywk1493x8  ErrorCode15631  ErrorMessageThe deployment operation failed because the specified application needs to be registered first.   How can this issue be resolved? Thanks "Vantage has Encountered a Problem" on Windows 10 Ver. 1903 My Lenovo Vantage has shown this page for 2-3 days after some Windows Update. I […]

Wifi stops working

My Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14IWL has issues with the Wifi driver randomly stopping with a Code 10 error. It has happened to me several times, and the only way I got it fixed was a combination of driver re-installs and reboots. But I don’t think there was any rhyme or rhythm to the stopping or […]

USB-PD not working properly on Thinkpad E480

I bought an Xtorm Power Bank Infinity 27000 which is able to supply 20V|2,25A via USB-C Power Delivery. My Thinkadpad E480 has USB-PD and draws 20V|2,25A. When I connect the power bank, charging status changes from discharging to charging to discharging and so on, until it finally keeps discharging.   What can I do to make […]

What's up with the small batteries in 6"+ flagship phones?

Seriously, with the upcoming S10 that has a meager 3400 mAh battery in a 6,1" phone, (only 3000 mAh in the 5,8" S10e!!) I’m wondering if they’re doing it on purpose. All batteries degrade, but 70% of 5000 mAh is a lot more usable than 70% of a 3000mAh battery. In case of the latter, […]

Cannot add systems with mapped IP addresses

I cannot add systems to the LXCA which have mapped IP addresses. This means the XCC is connected through VPN and has for instance an configured IP address The XCC is reachable from the LXCA with the mapped address because there are 2 VPN routers who translate the addresses. I can reach the […]

P40 resolution issue whenever I open the computer, and bluetooth drivers gone after I updated them.

So when I open my laptop or occasionally turn it on the resolution which is default 1920×1080 goes down to 1024×768. I have no idea whats wrong I have updated all the drivers and even done a factory reset nothing seems to help.    As for the bluetooth driver issue I could probably fix it […]

Android x86 running on Windows Yoga Book, but hardware issues

Hi All, I have got android x86 Oreo running on my yoga book from a micro sd card. It works well and is a lot quicker/snappier than Windows 10. However I’m having some hardware issues. Touchscreen, WIFI, Bluetooth and physical buttons (e.g. volume rocker) work, but the speakers, camera, halo keyboard gyroscope, etc do not […]

What came after the ThinkCentre M93 SFF (circa 2013, NOT the AIO, Tiny or Tower)?

Thanks!   EOM Lenovo Ideapad 110 Weird Buzzing Noise Hello!  For this last Christmas (2017), I received a Lenovo Ideapad 110 from my mother. The computer was good.. it took a little while for me to make the switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10, but, all-in-all, I did not really have any issues with […]