x3650 m5 ssd disks add

hello I have a lenovo x3650m5 16x and I want to put solid discs ssd, that economic discs list me?Can I put it on kingston records or necessarily have a lenovo part number ?, because I see that kingston has compatible discs. I have to add a PCIe card or not? Y520 Tower System Fan […]

[X1 Carbon 2nd Gen] Where can I buy adaptive keys replacement? 20A7 / 20A8

As the title already mentioned, my wife’s thinkpad x1 carbon 2nd gen adaptive row keys starts to look like the liquid part is evaporating. Where can I buy the replacement for the unit in question? Appreciate any answer. Thanks  USB not working on ThinkPad Pro Docking Station (T480) Hi,   all USB ports on docking station seems […]

P52 Stays at max clock speed on AC when idle

Speedstep is enabled in bios. Windows is set to Balanced power profile. As long as my computer is plugged in, the clock speed stays at 3.9-4 Ghz and won’t clock down at idle. If I run on battery, it clocks up and down depending on task like it should. Any ideas? Tab 4 8 Plus […]

T490 No sound device detected

I recently got a Thinkpad T490 (brand new) from my work. At first i didn’t have any issues with the sound, however i usually keep the speakers muted while I’m at work or use a Bluetooth headset. At some point after upgrading Windows and drivers from Lenovo Vantage my internal sound device is no longer […]

Invalid input in Lenovo k8 plus 4gb ram mobile

"invalid input" icon showing for every 1 to 2 min in my Lenovo k8 plus mobile what should I do for resolving this issue. Pls tell me. Thank you. Y520 Touchpad stops working when trying to play a game I am having an Issue with my new Lenovo Y520. When I am trying to play […]

Updates on the dark side expansion!?

Does anyone else keep checking their App Store at the edge of their seats waiting and hoping to see SWJC has an update?!   I keep opening my game hoping it’ll have new content like when you’re hungry and keep checking the fridge hoping to finally see something tasty pop up on the shelf.   […]

Repaid under international warranty denied.

I bought a new laptop YOGA 520 on 1st April 2018, with international warranty of one year,  from Australia . The product stopped working within warranty period. I submitted my system to service team in India, on 08 March 2019. On 14th, I received an email from the service team, stating that the part is […]

M90N Nano having intermittent download speed issues

I ordered 4 M90N nano computers for my business, of which two have shipped/arrived. One is working flawlessly. The other has an intermittent issue where it absolutely kills the download speeds.  We have gigabit fiber optic internet, and usually run 500 mbps minimum up and down.   When it is acting up, it only allows […]

cant update

hello everyone from greece .i have a lenovo Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10F 7" WiFi i d for the last 1.5 years what can i do .the recent update is T2-A7-10F_S000045_151211_ROW 3rd ThinkPad, 3rd Battery Issue, 2nd Depot Return I’m supporting T460s and T560s for my job and in the last month have had 3 battery […]

Where can I find the wall paper of the Lenovo thinkpad carbon 6th edition?

Specifically this is the one I am looking for: Lenovo Carbobn 6th Generation WallPaper Lenovo FLEX 6-11 storage upgrade Hi! Lenovo FLEX 6-11 has small (64 GB) and slow emmc. So I can’t install any app without disk full!! message. Do you know if I can upgrade the emmc slow storage to a m.2 memory […]