T510 notebook windows startup problem after reinstallation

Hello, This is my first post as I am new here to address an issue I am dealing with. I am using ThinkPad T510 noyebook with Windows 10 Education version 64 bit. Recently I had a problem showing a notification "scan for drive errors" and I tried to repair the drive errors automatically, but after […]

Edge 15 80H1 – Display problem after upgrade to windows 10

My Lenovo Edge 15 80H1 came with Windows 8. Recently the hard drive failed. So I replaced the drive and insalled Windows 10. Now the display is really weird. The screen that I am on is visible but there seems to be several other screens behind it. It seems that they are screens that I […]

Iomega ScreenPlay Plus HD 1TB (HDD Multimedia)

Tenho um hdd screenplay plus da iomega Ainda existe drive para este equipamento? onde posso obter? Estou trabalhando com o windows10.    Translation from Google:  Mod   Still have a drive for this device? Where can I get it? I’m working with windows10.   Legion y730 restore original RGB So. Out of the box y730 had […]

Does the IdeaPad S340-151WL have a slot for a 2nd SSD drive?

I am looking for a reasonable way to increase the HD capacity. If there is not a spot for a 2nd drive, what is involved with replacing the current 128 GB drive with a 256 GB drive? Ideapad L340-IRH Gaming – dual scren docking station I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad L340-IRH Gaming notebook and […]

x240 mini displayport to 2 hdmi not working (Monoprice MST hub, 15' hdmi x2, 3.5" lcd hdmi x2)

I have a Lenovo x240 with a Core i7-4600U using Intel HD Graphics 4400 and I am attaching a Monoprice MST Hub Mini Displayport to 2 HDMI adapter to the mini display port on the x240. To this I have 15′ HDMI cables attached. These are attached to 3.5" HDMI LCD screens on both ports.  […]

Dead on Arrival

First ThinkPad. T480.   Excited to escape the MacBook Pro paradigm and switch to a more robust product.   ThinkPad shows up at my door and will not turn on. No USB-C power-plug LED. No power button light. No screen light. Nothing.   Tried every trick in the book. Pin hole reset.  Press and hold […]

M700 Tiny Windows 10 missing from https://download.lenovo.com/cdrt/td/catalog.xml

Could the M700 Tiny 10HY Windows 10 information be added to https://download.lenovo.com/cdrt/td/catalog.xml.   Thanks! Lenovo Yoga 720 system Interrupts My Lenovo 720 freezes all of a sudden and makes fan noise, cpu utilization increases to 100% with process system interrupts. Can any one advise ?   E570 screen bezel rubber feet impossible to find Why is an item […]

Lenova All in one A740

Hello all- My all-in-one upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10, except now 10 wont load.  I keep getting a SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NC and a message that the rtwlanu.sys failed.  If I take my wifi down, it appears to load, but none of the keys work (the windows key wont bring up the menu, for example).  I […]

Y530-GPU is not working on 100%?

Hi! I have Lenovo y530 i58GB RAM128SSD1060 6GB and when Im playing PUBG i have around 55-60 fps no matter if im using lowest settings or highest.My question is if there is any limit on gpu or something like that. I did undervolting on gpu and cpu and its helps a lot (65-70 on GPU […]

Bought an X1Extreme on Black Friday, Smart Card Reader Missing?

I Finally got my new laptop.  It appears the smart card reader is blocked off?  This appeared to be a standard feature acording to the lenovo website, but now it looks like it’s only an option if you customize your thinkpad.  The pictures above configuration options that were available clearly show a smart card port…  […]