Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant help needed

I bought a Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant dock/speaker yesterday. I’m having the following issues.   1. Smart Assistant doesn’t wake to voice command – I have to press the icon bottom right of screen to start it up. Surely this constant "hands on" requirement defeats the purpose of such a device? I don’t […]

ideapad 320 clone ssd not booting after updating drivers

I have an ideapad 320 with 1tb i removed 1tb and cloned a ssd from my desktop with windows 10 so my desktop and new laptop would be identical , it boots fine no issue after clone but as soon as it updates the lenovo drivers it restarts and blue screens with no bootable device […]

Problems with icons on Lenovo K5

Hi all I have several problems with the apps icons on my lenovo K5 (A6020a40 with android 5.1.1) with a 32Go SD card to store apps and pictures/music.   To get a clean desktop, I pooled the icons together (drag and drop one icon on the other one) to create folders on my desktop, but […]

crack in my screen

i woke up this morning to find that my screen has cracks in it.  i don’t know how it happened but… i laptop is a thinkpad x201 tablet with a touch screen.  my question is should i look for (ebay) any x201 tablet screen or do i need to find the screen specific to my […]

ThinkPad E580: PCIe speed – is it x2 or x4? Need help

Hi, I have ThinkPad E580 20KS001QIV with 256GB M.2 SSD. Speed tests show 1700 MB/s on sequential read and 1000 MB/s on sequential write. Few days ago I bought a new Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD that’s supposed to be ~2 times faster than my original SSD: 3200 MB/s read and 1800 MB/s write. I cloned my SSD […]

Screen Ghosting Yoga 910

Hello! My Yoga 910-131KB Laptop periodically displays ghost images (please see attached pictures). I could be reading, web browsing, watching a video on youtube or netflex and suddenly whatever is being displayed will freeze on the screen. The frozen image is tanslucent so sometimes I can see through it and continue using the laptop, but […]

Network fluctuation

Why there is too much network fluctuation in lenovo k8plus for IDEA SIM, please help me it’s so frustrated Lenovo E73 SFF Recasing – Swap Case Hello everyone!   I am the owner of a Lenovo E73 SFF, with an i3 4150 3.5ghz. I would like to change the Case but I have doubts that I would like […]

Lenovo k8 plus battery drain fast after updating android oreo and November security pacth level upda

SD card not recognized by Windows 10 on Yoga Book Hi,   I just bought a Lenovo yoga book tablet, updated windows to date, which took almost a day by the way, and now, any card that i insert in the sim tray is not recognized. The same card is reconized in a USB card […]

A485 ECC Support

The Ryzen Pros in the A485 are qualified for ECC support. Can Lenovo enable this support in a BIOS update? 16GB ECC SODIMMs (Lenovo # 4X70Q27989) are recognised by the system but there’s no option in the BIOS to enable ECC. About updates of Lenovo K8 plus Hi, As I see in the Android upgrade […]

Few Questions about Y530

Hi Guysi’ve got the legion Y530 yesterday and i like it but just have few questionsthe temp of the cpu in Idle is 45:50 C is that normal?also the store i bought the the laptop from says that it has 144hz Paneland this is the infromation from HWINFOi think the 152 Mhz is the frequency of the monitor […]