New Vantage – no more quick battery threshold toggle

I find it very disappointing to see the new version of Vantage lose the one-click battery threshold toggle button from its pop-up menu.   At the very least make it an option in the new Quick Settings category.   This is a big step backwards in UX for the sake of a "prettier" design. Lenovo […]

Save BIOS when supervisor password exists

Assuming we have a numerical supervisor password of 1234, how can we save settings or BIOS configuration via PowerShell? The recommended solution is giving us access denied-   (gwmi -class Lenovo_SetBiosSetting –namespace rootwmi).SetBiosSetting("WakeOnLAN,Disable,1234,ascii,us") (gwmi -class Lenovo_SaveBiosSettings -namespace rootwmi).SaveBiosSettings("1234,ascii,us”) Tab 4 8 plus headphone issue Hi, bought this tablet in the bank holiday sale.  When I […]

Forgotten my security pin in vibe P1 please help me without erasing personal data

I’ve been using this P1 vibe phone for over an year and for these past six months I’ve been facing a lot of issues like network connection , finger print sensor is not working, and got Strucked on lenovo logo while re-starting and I’m now facing biggest of all I’ve forgotten my security pin and […]

P50 BSOD Win 7 intel driver?

I have 3 laptops all BSOD with dump logs pointing to generic ndis driver. They are running win 7 enterprise, have upgrade RAM to 24gb, two drives (256gb and 1 TB) . These users have many specific development tools loaded (VM systems with Redhat) and design sw loaded. They are in docking stations with dual […]

Error message when trying to download app

I have a clean install of C940. Tried to install Lenovo Utility, but got error message. have tried everything without any luck so far.   Any solutions? X1 Carbon 7th Generation G7 – Trackpad Lags / Delays Whenever I touch the touchpad, there is a small delay before the trackpad starts working. This is the […]

Lenovo Logo only

Lenovo k8 note logo only.                                 Cannot flash software faild Legion Y530 and M.2 SSD problem Hello, I own Legion Y530 with 1TB hdd drive. I wanted to upgrade it with additional drive so i’ve bought sdd disk – ADATA 512 […]

Review for top spec'd P72?

Hello,   For months I have been sitting on the fence waiting to see some reviews of the beast with top specs… but nothing!I want the Xeon, P5200, 4K, 128GB, 2x2TB SSD + 2TB HDD   Does this machine work? Have they solved the thermal throttling issues of the P71?   Thanks, Matt Using internal […]

Wireless Fn Icon not working

Anyone know how to get the wireless function button working?  If not is there a keyboard shortcut to switch bluetooth radio back on? [T440] What is the empty slot beside the Wireless Card? (serial number & picture included) Hi!  I have a T440 LaptopSerial Number: XXXXXXX     –    Serial number removed per forum rules – modType/ […]

My K6 Note won't get out of safe mode.

Been using this phone for around half a year. Encountered a few problems but they are still tolerable   Just today, I encountered a very annoying problem which is I can’t get out from safe mode   So far I’ve tried: Restarting the phone as the phone suggestsEntering fast boot modeFactory resetting the phone None […]

Lenovo SSD and HDD firmware update tool

Hello, I’ve seen this morning a new section on the support page for my Lenovo Legion Y530, it is called  for Windows 10. There is an .exe file which can upgrade your nVME SSD firmware. My current firmware version  is 11.7 and the utility should upgrade the firmware to 11.82 version. I downloaded the .exe […]