Ideapad 100-15 IBD charging concern

Hello community, Recently I got a new battery charger after the original had a few problems. After I plugged in the new charger and tried booting my laptop up, only a quick red blinking came from it. I'm not sure if it means it needs time to charge or something. And No, when the charger is plugged ...

Difficulty patching host with OneCLI

Hi, I'm trying to patch a host with OneCLI. If this is successfull I can script this process for approximately one thousand other hosts. This is what I've been attempting: OneCli update acquire --scope latest --mt 5465 --ostype rhel7 --dir /root/firmware  OneCli update compare --mt 5465 --scope ...

Samsung NVMe SSD Part No 00UP436 Password

Hi , I have just bought new NVMe SSD from which pulled out from brand new Thinkpad T570.I am trying to install it into my Thinkpad E570 by cloning my HDD.After installation of NVMe SSD it asks password when turning the laptop on (not BIOS PW).If the password is not entered OS is not ...

Lenovo z51-70 Graphic Card Issue

(Frames per second ) droped a lot while gaming so I went to a professional and he told me that the amd graphics card wanted knew cooling paste so he changed it it ran smoothly for 2 weeks and then whenever I start the windows it shows me the blue screen of death and restarts endlessly for ...

How many people is on andriod N?? in K8 plus

I have andriod N not interested to Oreo . Is there any one who don't want to update to Oreo  T580 boots to a blank screen after BIOS changes Brand new T580 here, bought to run Qubes OS.Played around with Windows 10 for a while, downloaded the Qubes iso, put it on the stick, etc, the usual ...

No response from Case Manager

YOGA 920 - Need help getting serviceCustomer service/ warranty nightmare. No callback from case managers. Service request 8010887939  I have a defective Lenovo Explorer headset that was sent out on 3/15/2018. Service request number: 8010887939. Was told it would be 3-7 business days. After 2 weeks ...

Lenovo P2a42 screen went black while charging

Hello ,My pdone screen went black while charging then the phone cannot charge or open, i tried to open it, held the volume button and power button to force start in recovery mode also with no luck, is there any idea of what it may be? Volume down key not working in lenovo k8 plus Suddenly power ...

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