Thinkpad T420 Overheating

Babbling on about how smart I was to get a $30 laptop ‘that works just fine’ jinxed me. The machine went into BSOD, and as it was shutting down It was clear it was too hot; arcid smell in vent. The fan wasn’t running or minimally- so guess what i did as BSOD counted down […]

New Laptop Fps drop

Helloo..I buy new laptop before 3 months..Lenovo 320-15 i5-7200U nVIDIA 940mx 2gb DDR58RAM 1T HHDOnly after 10 days,when I try to play League of Legends, I got 10-15 fps( :O)..I try to update windows,update drivers..(No need for new laptop I guess butt..) 2 years warranty -yes.So I go to the place and they send the laptop […]

Yoga 720 13 lkb windows update 1803

Hi all, Im sure that I’m not alone.  I have 2 brand new Lenovo 720. Everytime that I’m trying to update from 1709 to 1803 I’m receiving BSOD. Error code:-0xc0000017 " There isn’t enough memory available to create ramdisk Device" Tried everything that I found on web. But nothing work. Any idea?   Thanks  X380 […]

Thinkpad T420 – Just upgraded RAM, having problem.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my thread. I’m a long time IBM/Lenovo user, I’ve recently purchased a thinkpad t420, which came with 4gb of RAM. My initial plan was to upgrade it to 8gb of RAM as that’s what crucial said was the max it could handle. After reading a few threads […]

T480s shows blue screen when took out hdmi cable

New ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2-in-1 3rd not visible to other computers Struggling for a couple of weeks now trying to get the X1 so other computers on my home network can see it. The X1 sees all my other computers. Scowered the Lenovo and Windows forums and Help sites but everything I tried did NOT […]

S230u Laptop (ThinkPad) – Type 3347 – need new fan, cant find part number?

S230u Laptop (ThinkPad) – Type 3347Serial Number: ********Machine Type Model: 3347CTR   Getting fan error, gets really hot need part number for fan?   Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse. Xeon upgrage for i3 TS140? Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade my TS140 featuring an i3 with a Xeon […]

Lenovo M10 and OTG Support

Thinking of buying an M10 tablet but does it have OTG support? Ram upgrade confusion! I know already my Lenovo Ideapad 330s has a max 16gb. But when i try to check Crucial for ram upgrades, it suggested me for a 16gb, and according to their site my laptop’s max ram is 20gb, however they […]

Yoga Book C930: putting your own image as background image in the eink screen when the device is off

You can use any png file with resolution 1920×1080 pixels. I use Irfanview to resize my png files.   Rename your image file as Settings_images_08.png and  replace with your own png file the one with the same name in the folder c:Program FilesLenovoEinkSDKEinkSettingsPic   Go to the “e-ink image settings” page in the e-ink screen […]

Lenovo Flex 2 15

Is it possible to use an egpu on this using exp gdc dock?  ideapad 330 – 15ich bad working keys Hi, Perhaps after the automatic update, the a and s keys began to work poorly. Maybe someone knows the solution?   720S-13IKB BIOS update fail Hi everyone! I can’t update my laptop to the latest […]

RST mode for ideapad 330s

Hi there.  Is there any benefit from enabling RST controller mode in bios instead of AHCI? and will that erase all my drivers’ contens including Windows itself?? Thanks. Differences: Lenovo Yoga 330 vs Lenovo Miix 320 Hello, guys.  This is my first post.  Please be kind.   Been an Apple user ever since (Mac, iPhone, […]