Recovery DVDs for ThinkPad T520

Hi, I just recovered my ThinkPad T520 from recovery DVDs I burnt out few years and the DVDs are probably so old that my DVD driver in the laptop couldn't read them (or maybe the drive is almost dead...). Anyway I put the SSD from laptop into PC and there I run the DVDs, it worked smoothly... then ...

P330 Tower Fan Noise

Hi, i have a P330 Tower with the i7-8700.I´m doing mainly 3D-CAD, Solidworks and Cinema4D.I´m quite happy with the performance of the workstation.The only thing i don´t like is the noise when the cpu is on 100%.It is very loud, sounds like a hairdryer....This appears quite often, everytime i start ...

Lenovo A730 Starts very slow

My A730 takes 15 minutes to start up. What could be the problem?? >>> Moved to the proper forum External disk I need more disk space, between 1 - 3 TB. What would be the best choice for my Lenovo Yoga 720? This is Lenovo Yoga 720 72013IKB. Is the thunderbolt any good? And would the ...

IdeaPad 330-15ARR Ryzen 3 2200u VRAM

Games tell me that I only have 256MB of VRAM available. I upgraded my system RAM from 4GB to 8GB but my VRAM size has not changed. Is there a way to adjust how much the system allocates so I can take advantage of the RAM upgrade? I've looked in the BIOS but I don't see anything there. Lenovo ...

Upgrade Lenovo yoga 510 CPU!

Dear all,if some could help me, I would like to upgrade my  Lenovo yoga 510 CPU!From my Core i7-6500U To new one Core i7-8700KIf it is possible? If no if there any other good CPU for my laptop. V110-15IAP - High ping while playing games Hi, I bought a Lenovo computer, it`s called V110-15IAP, model ...

Integrated Camera not working

Hello, my webcam suddenly stopped functioning yesterday and when open an application that uses it the light next to the camera flashes. when I tested it in the camera app it threw me this error code: 0xa00f4244<nocamerasareattached>    ive tried updating/rolling back/reinstalling the drivers ...

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