Scuffs & Scratches on Screen made by Keyboard

Hello there,  I own various lenovo products but after using it for about 6 months or more i notice marks on the screen that is a result of the lcd resting on the keyboard on every single machine. the most obvious scuffs are the space bar and middle track point button, the track point also can be ...

Recovery DVDs for ThinkPad T520

Hi, I just recovered my ThinkPad T520 from recovery DVDs I burnt out few years and the DVDs are probably so old that my DVD driver in the laptop couldn't read them (or maybe the drive is almost dead...). Anyway I put the SSD from laptop into PC and there I run the DVDs, it worked smoothly... then ...

P330 Tower Fan Noise

Hi, i have a P330 Tower with the i7-8700.I´m doing mainly 3D-CAD, Solidworks and Cinema4D.I´m quite happy with the performance of the workstation.The only thing i don´t like is the noise when the cpu is on 100%.It is very loud, sounds like a hairdryer....This appears quite often, everytime i start ...

Lenovo A730 Starts very slow

My A730 takes 15 minutes to start up. What could be the problem?? >>> Moved to the proper forum External disk I need more disk space, between 1 - 3 TB. What would be the best choice for my Lenovo Yoga 720? This is Lenovo Yoga 720 72013IKB. Is the thunderbolt any good? And would the ...

IdeaPad 330-15ARR Ryzen 3 2200u VRAM

Games tell me that I only have 256MB of VRAM available. I upgraded my system RAM from 4GB to 8GB but my VRAM size has not changed. Is there a way to adjust how much the system allocates so I can take advantage of the RAM upgrade? I've looked in the BIOS but I don't see anything there. Lenovo ...

Upgrade Lenovo yoga 510 CPU!

Dear all,if some could help me, I would like to upgrade my  Lenovo yoga 510 CPU!From my Core i7-6500U To new one Core i7-8700KIf it is possible? If no if there any other good CPU for my laptop. V110-15IAP - High ping while playing games Hi, I bought a Lenovo computer, it`s called V110-15IAP, model ...

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