Rackswitch STP groups

Hi folks, After reading the IBM / Lenovo documentation regarding STG (Spanning-Tree Group), I am still un-informed as to the behaviour of STGs when the switches are used in VLAG mode (identical VLANs per STG etc). Can anyone tell me the behaviour of spanning-tree when you go beyond the 128 STG ...

920 80Y70062US Problems W/Miracast to Sony TV

I've noticed several members Miracasting to various devices successfully w/920.  However, I only noticed richk's excellent article mention his 920 had an Intel wi-fi card.  I have the Qualcomm Atheros QCA61X4a. Have any of you been successful using Miracast with the Qualcomm wi-fi card? I'm using ...

Carbon X1 (2015) 3rd Gen: Compatible SSDs?

I would like to upgrade the SSD in my Carbon X1 (2015) 3rd Gen. Lenovo is out-of-stock on the largest replacement drives. The direct replacements are also quite pricey. I think I would like to go aftermarket rather than invest a bunch of money into this laptop. Does anyone know if the Samsung EVO ...

YOGA 530 active pen compatibility

Hi,I would like to know, which active pens are compatible with my above stated Lenovo YOGA 530-14IKB.I know there are several discussions with the same topic. However, I have found lots of contradicting information on the forums...Is this going to ...

Idea 330s 15 inch camera/microphone problems

Both the microphones and camera cannot be turn off/on by the button. Every time I need my camera, I need to turn off the camera privacy mode in lenove vantage. And the microphones too. The problems appears recently, I believe the software make that. Idea 330s 15inch cannot turn on off camera with ...

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