Lenovo Vantage not working

hey guys,   a few days ago i made an update for windows 10. since then i had many different issues: first i realised that my finger-print- reader has stoped working, the FN-keys (despite volume and screen-brightness) stopped working and the trackpoint-middle key too. While i was able to revive the finger print reader and […]

Service issues with Thinkpad E580

Hello,   I don’t know if this is the right place to post this here but I am doing so as I couldn’t find any other alternative.   I had ordered Lenovo ThinkPad e-580 online via (https://www3.lenovo.com/nl) with configuration mentioned (at the end of this letter) on 29 March 2018.   As mentioned in the […]

lenovo yoga 500-15isk won't do anything

hello everyone,   i have an lenovo yoga 500 for about little more than e year know. and it won’t do anything. yesterdag i was using it like normal to study for my exams and this morning i wanted to start it and it didn’t do a thing.   when i press the start button […]

Are P53 and P73 using the same keyboard and trackpad?

Anybody knows for sure? My left palm keeps touching the trackpad accidently to interfere its operation. I wonder if the P73’s keyboard and trackpad are bigger than those of the P53. Lenevo account help I’m changing email addresses and I want to keep my original Lenevo account on the website.  Can someone help me?  This […]

Rear Camera problem in K8 plus

K8 plus has problem in its real camera.It is slow in clicking pictures.Normally it takes 3-4 seconds when only simple pictures are getting clicked.But while using depth mode it takes 5-7 seconds sometimes.Why it is so slow in clicking pictures.You all developed a experimental phone and sold to us.Camera is very very slow in clicking […]

Lenovo Tab 4 10 (Oreo)

Hi, after I update my Tab 4 10 to Oreo last week, the battery is SO WEAK! From 100% (2 mins screen usage and 1day and 6hours idle) it went to 20%. I have tried hard reseting but the battery drain is still there… How can I temporary fix it until you fix it with […]

Wigig dock not working

I am struggling to connect my Wigig dock. At first, the dock is not recognized in Windows’ Connect at all, but Intel Wireless Dock manager still ok, with message like "Click here to connect", and redirect to Windows’ Connect   After I installed some updates in Lenovo Vantage, the Wigig showed up and connected for […]

L380 & Lenovo Vantage – Battery Draining When Turned Off

Hello together,   I’m using a new Thinkpad L380 for about 4 weeks and have been experiencing battery drain issues when off since the first day. After all possible corrections found on this forum (Bios Update, Win10 QuickStart, Managment Foundation… and some more) it now comes down to a final observation: When I shut down […]


I have a Lenovo Edge 2   1580 laptop.  Can the RAM  be  upgraded to 16 GB ? Also….can it take a M.2 SSD drive ? What is the max capacity SSD drive trhat can be installed ? I'd like to transfer VHS to my E31 – can it be done? Thinkstation E31 (E3-1245 @3.4, […]

Thoughts on Jedi Challenges

Man, this game is beyond what I expected. I have a hard time putting this game down as it offers a lot of different challenges that help you hone your skills as a jedi. Haha.    What do you guys think of the game? Anyone feel it is like a workout on some of the […]