Manufacturer Signed APK

I have a lot of Lenovo tablets (Tab 4 850F) for an enterprise product, and have written an app to control the tablets remotely (mostly just install/uninstall packages, reboot, etc). The application works great on a rooted device, but it turns out you can’t root these tablets when they’re upgraded Oreo and for our main […]

Thinkpad 490S

I’m searching for review about this product, I would like to know the battery life….do you know where I can find more inofrmation ?   Thank you ThinkPad 10-20E3 Win 10 1809 BcmI2CBus_513 driver missing Same issue as here One can use Google translate if not German speaker!   ThinkPad 10-20E3-20E4 and Win10 Pro x64 […]

alarm led will not clear

so, we got our ThinkSystem SR630 and only plugged in one powersupply. now – as the box goes into production and all PSUs are suppllied, we still have the orange alarm led. and we do not see any option to clear this alarm in the xclarity controller webinterface Starting my laptop flyer 3 years I haven’t […]

fan clean

If i clean my fan i lose my guarantee? Legion Y520-15IKBN Laptop X1 Carbon 6th Gen USB-C/HDMI with Dell Curved Monitor (U3415W) – periodically blacks out randomly Have a brand new Dell Curved monitor which is connected to my X1 Carbon 6th Gen thru usb-c dock/HDMI. It appears when I watch streaming video, the dell […]

X1 Carbon 6th Gen – slow wifi

Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th generation updated to the latest bios (N23ET63W 1.38 ), running Win 10, updated. I can pair it up with my cell phone no problem. But it won’t pair with the jbl3.   I’ve tried everything to get it to connect to a jbl 3 speakers to no avail. I’ve ran the […]

Thinkpad X380 does not remember mapped networks

Running a lenovo X380 thinkpad yoga and when I restart the machine mapped network connections disappear in file explorer under this PC. Odd thing is when I remap the drive the old name I renamed the network connection previously is remembered.   Is this a known issue? Does this issue have a solution?   regards, […]

IdeaPad 330S 15KB i5

I recently purchased an IdeaPad 330s- 81F5018TUS on a summer sale because of the 8th Generation i5, 8GB RAM, and Intel 620 UHD. The only problem is I do play some non heavy games and plan on joining the Air Force soon so the 128Gb SSD is not enough. Can I upgrade the size of this SSD […]

ideapad 330s-15ikb bios update: current region me does not have r/w rights

Yesterday, 28.03.2019 new bios version came out, but when i tried it to install i had this message: Current region ME does not have r/w rights. Also, this notebook has battery controller issues: on battery it works on 100% of cpu all the time, and when i connect charging, it throttles cpu to 0.4 Ghz until […]

Mobile hanging and not charging

Hi while am using mobile it stuck and screen went off. Did not screen on even pressing buttons and any. Then i put charging it was not showing charging lite or any other. It’s almost dead. I tried reset options also. It’s not working. Plz help me what i do to on mobile  Reading SSD […]

Add second SSD to Lenovo Ideapad 320S-15IKB

Good afternoon.   I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 320S which has an SSD 128 GB. The disadvantage is that the storage is very limited and I would like to increase it, but carrying my external disk is a bit tedious so I was wondering if it’s possible to install an second SSD. MTM 81BG00MPSP […]