How to increase the battery life of a T580.

How can I increase the life of a battery? should we keep the power supply connected always working (or) should keep sometime and remove after fully charging…I also get confused what to do .please advice and suggest if there is any document for any settings T580 what should be the default RAID setting in BIOS? […]

Lenovo 110s factory reset

I have forgotten my password on lenovo 110s and am trying to do facotry reset. When i do this it comes up with additional space needed for drive with windows. I cannot get into the system as have forgotten the password. How can i do the reset? VIBE K5 Note Fingerprint hardware problem Its been […]

Navigating NOVO and UEFI screens on Yoga Tablet 2 (1051F)

I see that  the BT keyboard does not work on these screens (tochscreen seems to work ok). From other posts I deduce they are using USB KBD and/or mice to navigate (is this correct?) If so, what USB keyboards and/or mice work on UEFI and NOVO menu screns?     Non-existent user guide and initial setup […]

Lenovo m93p + gtx 1060/70

Hello i have an Lenovo m93p that i was wondering to upgrade with an ssd and gtx 1060 or 1070 card.   Is this possible? I have an spare psu and ordered the 14pin adapter cable, also fitment is not an issue as i am going to use an 16x ribbon cable and make a […]

Bios version BHCN32WW for download – Y540-17IHR

Hi guys, does anyone have the bios version BHCN32WW for download? I’ve made the huge mistake to upgrade it to BHCN33WW and it’s running like crap. I’ve done a bigger mistake not creating a Recovery Point so… yeah, can anyone help me? Thanks! Installing Thunderbolt Driver in SCCM task sequence Does anyone have solution for installing Thunderbolt […]

G570 – Stuck at 60% when trying to install version 1903

Hello, I have an old G570 that came with Windows 7. A few years ago I upgraded it to W10. For a few months I’ve been trying to install the Windows Update version 1903 but it get stuck at 60% and then it uninstall again.   I have 25 GB of free space and 4GB […]

whit which SSD can i replace the 1TB HDD G70-80 80ff

De G70-80 has some security in the bios or motherboard so i can not replace things  that easy.  i could only find a 128gb ssd for replacement but that’s to small.  which bigger SSD can i use Lenovo G50-70 display goes off / on when moving while open When I move my display, the display […]

Lenovo X380 – USB C-Dock – external Displays do not work after driver update

Hi, after installing the following display driver update Intel HD Graphics Driver26.20.100.695126 Sep 2019 my Lenovo X380 will not recognize the external displays connected via USB C-Dock (by DP to mini-DP). After un-installing the display driver and re-installing an older version, the problem is fixed. Is this issue known and will there be a fix […]