Lenovo ThinkPad 13?

  Hello all, I currently have a Toshiba CB2 2014 and I’m looking for a new Chrombook. I’ve looked at all the buying guides but I’m still in a bit of a rut. My main concerns are needing a great keyboard and screen. I was looking at the Samsung Chromebook Pro. I just came across […]

T520 palmrest problems (trackpad not working)

I recently replaced the palmrest on my ThinkPad t520. Previously, I had replaced the palmrest and reused the old ribbon cables. Sadly, that didn’t work. So, I purchased a new palmrest on eBay that came with the trackpad and ribbon cables. Here’s a picture: When I plug it into the computer I am unable to […]

E540 – still no Windows 10 build 1809

It is still on 1803 build, Windows Update is not offering 1809 build. Is there any known issue with the 1809 build and E540, so the update is blocked? Lenovo Y50 Video Card Woes Last night I was playing Final Fantasy XIV and received a BSOD.  I wasn’t able to catch the specific code before […]

Changing Legion Y540 refresh rate from 60hz to 144hz

Hi,   I recently bought a Legion y540 and I can’t set it to 144hz. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, was given the wrong unit or other reasons I still couldn’t figure out. Please see screenshots below for reference. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.         PC get […]

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 2-14 Motherboard Component Question

I work at a phone and computer repair store, and we have a customer’s laptop that is experiencing issues with horizontal lines appearing on the screen randomly. I’ve taken a look at the motherboard, and there is a component that has fallen off the board, it was rattling around inside the laptop beforehand. I don’t […]

lenovo IdeaFlex 14 touchscreen failure

The touchscreen stopped working some time ago.  Now it seems it is loosing liquid from the bottom right corner, a sort of sticky substance. Is there a place in Buenos Aires to have it repaired? Thanks a lot   Lenovo never center lenovo never center very large in resolution 2560×1080 Thinkpad E460 Battery or Power […]

Never get your Lenovo P2 serviced once it is not working

Never get your Lenovo P2 phone serviced by Lenovo Rajajinagar as my phone although had the entire motherboard changed has again given rise  to  ia fingerprint ssue which they said was repaired.but just after two days of service the fingerprint has stopped working yet again.On top of that the service people had removed some layer […]

ix4-300d problem when reading HDD on windows

Hello everybody, We bought some years ago a NAS server Lenovo Lomego ix4-300d. This december, the HDD in the NAS were nearly full so we switched them with new one. The problem is,  we need to have access to the old drive but we can’t read them and i don’t know how we can do […]

Yoga Book C930: cheapest working back-up pen

Looking to get a back-up pen, may never use so cheapert the beter.  Any thoughts? Yoga-Book Android – YB1-Battery draining Hi all, I have a problem with my Yoga book YB1 android charging, it has suddenly started not to take a full change and takes for ever to get to 99% (it justs hangs at […]

HDCP Error

Hello;      I would be grateful for any help.    I have a Lenovo ThinkCenre All in One PC.      I also have Sky Go, where in theory I can play purchase films on different devices.      Although I can add this computer as a device, when I try and play a […]