issues with battery on ideapad 300 15ISK

Its been more than 3 years since I purchased my laptop. The battery hardly lasts for an hour now and  I am assuming that the battery is gonna die soon completely..  I wanna know what can be the problems if I keep using my laptop the way it is right now? and can I buy […]

Extremely disappointed with Lenovo customer service

Ordered a Yoga 730 on August 17th, 13-days later and no one from Lenovo customer service can give me an update on the shipment.  Have called daily since August 26th and always get teh same answer, Lenovo upper management/logistics is looking into the matter.  I work in a tech company, I understand there are issues […]

Ideapad 720S-15IKB touchpad delay and nonresponsive bug

My touchpad input lags a bit  and scrolling is slow and not consistent. However, if I disable the touchpad with F6 and re-enable it, the touchpad becomes responsive and acts "normal", for a whole minute that is. Then it goes beack t o being slow and unresponsive. Yoga Tab 3 Pro ( with Projector) – […]

Yoga Tab 3 Plus Screen Replacement

Does Lenovo or another third party seller supply replacement screens for the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus? I contacted lenovo and they say that I have to purchase a brand new tablet. Does anyone know if I can just replace the screen with the screen for the normal Yoga Tab 3 Plus? T470s docking station […]

Thinkpad E470- Screen is black, any known solutions?

Hey everyone. My laptop screen has gone black and I don’t know how to fix it. The computer itself works, as I have connected it to a monitor without any issues. The screen has always been a bit off- when the bettery was low, the screen would go black and even if I plugged it […]

T460s lid closure not detected

  Hi all!   My settings are set so that when the lid is closed, the laptop would sleep. Problem is, the laptop does not do said set option when the lid is closed. I believe I knocked something (a magnet?) out when I last opened up the laptop to clean the fan, but I’m not […]

Lenovo a7600 f

Hi, By any chance any upgrade scheduled for this tablet Lenovo A7600-F android 4.4.2?? Or at least any info on how to root and flash custom rom.   I believe this tablet is not so old and Lenovo left us somewhat stranded here.   Thanks   Upgrading video controller, Thinkcentre M93p Hello,   I’m thinking […]

Can I Install Windows 10 on Yoga tab YB1-X90L (Android) ?

Can I install windows 10 on yoga tab YB1-X90L? If so, what are you like? Lenovo Z40 75 i have laptop lenovo z40-75 it has slow processor i want to change it can i do it?   Thanks:)) Very useful PC-end android phone & tablet assistant tool – Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant Here  is an […]

5th gen thunderbolt dock keeps on dropping network lan network

I Have 5 laptops that keep on droppsing the lan connection, I had tried to update the follong bios, firmaware for the dock,  usb drviers, power mgt, drivers and power mgt utility, I had even changed the settings on  network from auto negotiate to 1 gig the issue is still happening, Any suggestions please advise […]

Duracion bateria ideapad 530S 14lKB

Hola, Me gustaría saber lo siguiente:   1) confirmar cuál es el tiempo promedio que dura la batería de la ideapad 530S 2) ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de optimizar la carga? 3) ¿Es correcto que mientras trabajo este conectado el equipo a la corriente, o es mejor desconectar?   Gracias! ThinkSystem Storage Management Console […]