Yoga 14 SSD Compatibility

I’m wanting to upgrade my Yoga 14 to a SSD

I am looking at a Samsung evo 860, does anyone know if the two are compatible?


Thank you for any input

Lenovo Legion y520 fps drops, lag in every games

Hi everyone, i bought this laptop almost 1 year ago legion y520( 16gb ram, 4gb gtx1050, i57300hq, 256gb ssd) and first times laptop was okay from fps , performance etc. directions but for 4 5 months when ı play a game doesnt matter what it is fps drops , lags also speed of wifi connection so slow these problems appear it self in every moment  whatever when i do desktop operations no lag and no drop no problem with like these things so i even play L4d2 on y520 fps drops and lags shows itself csgo gta5 pubg even pubg lite so what is your suggestions to fix this problem thanks from now.. i want to give this info laptop went to service 3 times and motherboard, ram, lcd panel are changed and guys who work at service say like this no problem everything okay with laptop.Finally when i look at task manager everything look okay cpu usage usage of disk etc. and lenovo diagnostic program didnt find any errors with laptop devices….

Things that İ have tried;

1) ı installed fresh win10 using original recovery usb that coming from lenovo 

2) now windows, drivers and nvidia driver up to date

3) i did virus scan and no virus on laptop

4) ı tried max performance and intel max performance also nvidia, in power settings cpu and others max performance and doesnt work again and i convert these settings to original again

5) ı download intel extreme tuning utilility and the program didnt find any update and cpu works at 3.1 ghz max performance it shows us no problem at here

6) when i play a game ı look task manager and geforce gtx1050 4gb works normally so laptop uses it in games again no problem at here

Yoga C930: Random straight strokes are made when writing using the Active Pen 2

When I’m taking notes or drawing on my laptop, there will be times when a sudden straight stroke pops out of nowhere. It’s as if I drew a straight line immediately in that direction. It happens like once every minute or two. Any help would be appreciated!

ideapad 520 SMART short self test warning

My laptop is Lenovo ideapad 520 when i run the diagnostic tool on storage i have 2 warnings 

– SMART short self test 

-SMART drive self test 

i dont know what they are or what the problem is ?

NB: i just bought it one year ago  

Compatibility issues with Z5s (L78071) with US carriers – How to Fix

I received the Lenovo Z5s (Model L78071) from a friend-of-a-friend. It wasn’t compatible with their service provider, so I thought I’d try with MetroPCS (my current provider). When I took it in, the phone couldn’t read their SIM card.


I tried with Cricket Wireless since searching on their site said the Lenovo Z5s was totally compatible, but when I went into the store to try, it wouldn’t read their SIM either.


I have the IMEI and all the phone information, but I can’t actually find the product listed on the Lenovo support pages at all. I installed Mobile Assistant onto the phone and it is currently connected to my PC. I have both IMEI1 and IMEI2 numbers, the Root Status says "No." I have yet to find any posts or pages about this specific phone. Not sure what other information to include. The Lenovo Help app also doesn’t have Z5s (L78071) listed as a product option either, so I don’t know which series it is actually from (Series A, K, P, S, VIBE, ZUK don’t have it listed; VIBE only as Z, Z2 and Z2Pro listed, but the model numbers are all K’s).


I really want to keep this phone as it was completely free and a major upgrade from my current phone, but it doesn’t appear to be compatible with US mobile carriers. Can something be done on Lenovo’s end? Is there something I can try? The phone itself is new and has not been activated with any carriers. Something to note: when I received it, PayTM (Indian e-commerce payment system) was already installed on it. I don’t know if that means anything. I have yet to hear back from where the person originally ordered the phone.


I thought about trying this option (apn.gishan. net), but the option to select "Mobile network" on the phone isn’t working anyway.


I also looked on the Motorola support site and it doesn’t come up there either. I only checked since the box says "Designed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility LLC for Lenovo."


What I’m ultimately hoping is that this phone can become compatible with MetroPCS since I’m not really looking to change providers at the moment. I’m currently just using the phone at home on wi-fi.


Thank you for your time.

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