USB ports rapidly reconnecting. Sometimes works but disconnects at the slightest touch or randomly.

This happens with both USB ports. One USB port works better than the other but it has the same problems too sometimes. I have 3 hard drives that have this problem and they all work perfectly on another laptop. A mouse works completely fine on these USB ports. I have done a factory reset but still have the same problems. I have tried safe mode and also reinstalling the USB drivers too. Is there anything else I should try or should I get it repaired? Thank you.

How to unlock screen in lenovo phone using google talk ? Please help screenshot attached.

Yoga 2 – model 20428

Was very lucky, my desk/house didn’t catch on fire.


What is this? I don’t see any recalls out there for old Yoga 2 notebooks running Windows 8.


Please advise.

Problems with Tap P10 after update to Android 9

Dear all,


after update of my device (Tap P10, 3 GB Ram, 32 GB Memory) to Android 9 (used the renewed OTA update file provided by Lenovo) my devices from time to time reboots unexpectetly.


This issue was already mentioned before by other users so i would like to make it an own topic.


I experiencd that the problems occure especially when the device is fully charged and stays connected to the power.


Please share here your experience if you experienced something similar.


Lenovo, hope you read this and your team is already working on it!


A happy day to all!

Yoga 700 11ISK boot difficulties, exception processing errors, crashes

1. Can’t find boot device at startup, about 1/3rd of the time. I have gone into BIOS and changed to Legacy as is often suggested online, but it doesn’t change anything. It seems to be happening more often.


2. Random inexplicable crashes, forcing restart. Maybe once a day.


3. Now I’m getting this "System Error: Exception Processing Message 0xc00000006 Parameters …(etc, lots of numbers)


I just reset it to factory settings (although keeping data), and #1 and #3 are already showing up. Help would be greatly appreciated!


*also, the modem only seems to work sporadically.

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