ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station: USB stops working

From time to time, the USB ports on one ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station stop working. The first few times it helped to de-install the USB Hub, but now we’re stuck at USB not working. I’m pretty certain the Docking Station is at fault, because we’ve got another one (same model, ordered on the same day) which works fine.

What can we do to fix the issue? 

Not sure how to open a proper support ticket, because just gave me the the option to "Consult Our Forum". So here I am.

Smart Tab with Dock Owners: We want to hear from you!

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T480s – unable to use "Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station"

Hello, does anybody know if ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock is compatible with T480s?


I have installed all the drivers


I have searched this forums and followed some advice re BIOS settings for TB3 (didn’t make any difference).


Everytime I connect this dock the mesage comes up "Display connection may be limited".

All it does it charges the laptop, but no USB devices work (mouse, keyboard), also Monitor connected through display port does not work. 

I replugged and restarted everything multiple times.


I also updated all possible drivers for T80s (Win10 x64).


Any ideas how to get this working, or are those products not compatible?


Many thanks for assistance


Think station S20 problem with PCI usb card



Recently i received a Logilink PC0057A USB3.0 4port pci express card, i installed it into the S20 and the pc wont boot at all its stuck on the first screen where the LENOVO logo appears right before the pc goes into windows, there is also a male MOLEX connector on the card itself but the S20 does not have any molex connectors inside, i read that power supply is not neccessety for card to work. If I take the card out the pc boots normally and with it installed it wont boot at all. does anyone have any idea what this could be or is just the card not supported or something?


Thank you for the help.

Thinkpad x1 extreme: Cooling Issue

I couldn’t find any other topic about this so here we go:

At first, my laptop fans went full speed every few minutes or so for like 5 seconds every time, that got fixed by a bios update. Now it is silent, always, and that’s the problem right now, even if it is almost too hot to touch the fans won’t speed up so it doesn’t cool enough. I looked everywhere for a manual way to turn the fan speed higher (like MSI has on their laptops) but I couldn’t find a way.

My question: Can I fix this somehow, is there a setting I missed, is there anything at all I can do about this?

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