PXE – E61: Media Test Failure, check cable (X1 Carbon 4th Gen)

I recently purchased a refurbished X1 Carbon 4th gen laptop and experienced error PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable when turning on the computer. I have tried to restart the computer using F11, ran all of the diagnostic tests, and reseated the SSD. Is there another solution or is this computer in faulty condition? 

Incorrect Package Delivered….



I ordered an expensive laptop for over 3K Euro on 21st Feb. I transferred money same day and Lenovo confirmed receipt on 26th Feb

When ordering website stated "Delivery 2-3 days" and the confirmation email also stated "Ships in 1-2 business days."


On 1st March a small package arrived to my door (which delivery guy just left at the door, I did not sign for it)

The package had correct tracking number but was obviously wrong, as it was way too small.


I immediate rang Lenovo, and shortly afterwards sent email with pictures of the parcel that arrived (with measuring tape in photo to show it was obviously too small)


Today, on 7th MArch still no resolution. As they lost/sent wrong package I believe they should have just sent me the correct item immediately, and find the lost package on their own time.


i needed this to do a course, which has now been completely screwed up. I needed this course for my job!


This is terrible service by Digital River Ireland Ltd/Lenovo

I am suffering because of someone elses screw up .


X1 Tablet 3rd Gen thunderbolt



I have a new X1 tablet 3rd gen. I7 with 16 GB RAM.


I can’t get the thunderbolt ports to work when they supply power. 


I have a Caldigit TS3+ dock. When I plug it straight into the X1, it flickers, the machine thinks the power gets plugged in and unplugged every 5-10 seconds. So nothing ever loads onto it. Now when I have the X1 pllugged into power, then I plug in the dock, it all works perfectly. What could be causing this?


I also have a hyperdrive power adapter (https://www.hypershop.com/collections/hyperdrive/products/hyperdrive-usb-c-hub-for-macbook-87w-power-adapter) the same thing happens. It thinks its a dock aupplying power, which it is. So the X1 thinks its being plugged in to power then unplugged. Similar to what is happening with my other dock.


What on earth could be causing this? I’ve updated all the drivers, I’ve also disabled thunderbolt security in the BIOS.


Other than this silliness, I love the machine. Thank you all of for your help!

Ideapad 330s-14lKB loud fan noise after entering my windows password



I recently bought this computer. It is working well but when it starts it makes a very loud noise.


It seems the local session manager or something like that (not sure this is the right translation) is using 60% of the CPU for 10-20s


How do i solve this problem ? …



M710q M720q Tiny: Memory RAM upgrade to 32 GB = Shutdown in minutes. Solved: use Kingston memory

I just installed two 16 gb DDR4-2400 modules on my Tiny desktop and within minutes the computer just shuts down.  I tested the modules on another like desktop and same issue occured.  I am however able to sucessfully run with a single 16 GB or a combination of 16 GB and 4 GB modules.  The shutdown occurs only when using the full 32 gb.  I have verified with Crucial that the modules are compatible.  I have also tried another set of modules with same results.  Chipset and Bios are up to date and this is a clean build of Windows 10, version 1809.  Thoughts on what could be the issue?


Mod:  edit the Subject line to clarify problem description;  add solution;  added M720q

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