Lenovo Camera – Google Home App

 Im wondering if the built in camera in the smart diaplay shows up as a camera in the google home app? OR is it purely used for video calls?


Eg – camera showing as ‘Kitchen Camera’ or ‘Living Room Camera’. 

Y520 GPU overheating issue

I have lenovo Y520 with i7 7700 and GTX 1050 , 

In the last few months GPU is always high temperature between 70-80 when i just open a game even if i enabled extreme cooling it dosent go down and CPU is between 65-75 always when playing and frame always go down and up 

also when benchmarking the GPU with various program it looks that temp go down to 0 and then up again 

some times also the GPU its look like disconnected from laptop and dosent work again unless i restarted my laptop or shut it down and launch it again

Please help

and sorry for my bad english

Lenovo ThinkStation P520c GPU option



please i do need your advise here.


I am Planning soon to Buy a Lenovo ThinkStation P520c..which will came without GPU/Graphic Card.


This workstation support up to Quadro P5000/RTX4000. but what about other GPU options?

Can, for example, use AMD? Geforce? Geforce RTX?


And especially, will this card fit & work with this card (photo attached):

– Radeon RX 580 Graphics Card (Huge with 3 fans), dimansion:

Height: 5.28" / 134 mm
Length: 11.73" / 298 mm
Width: Dual-Slot


As i planning to buy (instead of Quadro)


Thank you for your assisstance


P52 right now or wait for P53?

Currently considering to retire my 2013 MBP and getting a P52 for data science/deep learning tasks. At this point in time, any suggestion on should I get a P52 right now or wait for the next generation P53? (I am not in an urgent need for upgrades)

I am not an expert in hardware, any advice/discussion are welcome. Thanks in advance.

ThinkPad Yoga S1 – built-in mousepad pointer and backspace button malfunctioning

Hi all, 

I’ve noticed over the last couple days, I am having issues with my mouse-pad pointer as well as my backspace button on my ThinkPad Yoga S1. It seems that randomly, especially (maybe even only) when I’m on battery power, my mouse-pad pointer freezes and stops working. Hitting Esc will release it and make it work fine for a few seconds until it freezes up again. I’ve also noted that my backspace button malfunctions at the same time that this happens – either it just wont work when I hit it, or it’ll just be "stuck" on. It appears as if this only happens when I’m on battery power, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with power/battery settings. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for my house and keyboard to no avail. I tried a System Restore to 3 or so days ago when I don’t think I had this problem. I also tried looking in device manager to see if there is a power management tab for my mouse and keyboard devices, but didn’t see one there. 

If anyone has ANY idea whatsoever as to what might be causing this and how I can fix it, I would REALLY appreciate any help. Thanks!!

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