Ideapad 320 – Please help!

Hello! I have a  Lenovo Ideapad 320 15 Touchscreen Laptop Intel Core i5. I have 2 questions, and I haven’t had much luck in my research! First, can I download Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) on this laptop? And if so, what stylus/digital drawing pen can I use? I’m a bit worried because I read in another thread that no stylus is compatible with the Ideapad series of laptops, but I’m not sure if this is valid. Thank you!

I want to show my video on 3 screens

Good night!

I have a Lenovo Idea Pad G400S (i7), with two video outputs, one being HDMI and another VGA.
I want to show my videos on 3 screens, but I only get two.

Please help me, I no longer know what to do.

Júlio Namã

Question about msata and T420

I have a T420 4236L23 model.

I want to install a Samsung SSD MZ-M6E250BW 860 EVO 250 GB mSata and want to be sure is supported by my model.


Thanks in advance.




Alexa can't "find" my P10 Show device

My P10 sits in its dock on side table next to me when I’m watching TV. When I dim the lights to watch a movie the Show-mode screen is bright and annoying, so I said "Alexa, turn of Lenovo screen" (since I had renamed my device from "Jeffrey’s Amazon Alexa Lenovo Show" or whatever the original huge name was). Alexa says, "sorry I can’t find that device". I tried renaming it, didn’t help. 


If I just press the power button the P10 turns off, but the second it detects movement (like me leaning back again on the couch) the screen pops back on again. The only way I’ve found to turn off the screen is to pull down the notification shade, turn off Show mode, then hit the power button. I really just want to ask Alexa to turn off the screen.,


Any tips on getting Alexa to "see" my P10 Lenovo Show as a device?

Lenovo Memphis Depot Repair Center is really a Mess

On May 28 I requested a depot repair for my X1 Yoga Gen 3 fingerprint reader replacement, they sent a box and I later shipped it back.


On Jun 2, the Flextronics/Lenovo in Memphis TN said, they have no fingerprint reader in stock, waiting time unknown, thus I requested them to ship my laptop back without repair. I can live without the fingerprint reader but can’t live without the laptop. So they shipped it back on Jun 3.


On Jun 4, I opened the box, to my surprise,  I found the the serial number of the laptop has been changed. Why they replaced the motherboard?  I finally figured out that the harddrive and the base cover is mine, but anything else is not mine.  They messed up part of  my laptop with somebody else during the repair.


I called 877 273 7835, told them the serial number I got, they finally figured out they could messed up 2 repairs,  the other package now is on Fedex truck for delivery. They told me they called Fedex to stop delivery of that package and requested to send it back.


On Jun 5, I sent back everything I have to Memphis, TN.


Since then, everything becomes abnormal, It looks that lenovo depot manangement system couldn’t  handle the 2 new returned packages,  everytime I called, they said they have no information of my return. It’s ok I can tell them my tracking number. But they still don’t know the other return package. For 2 days, they just made up varous stories, first told their technician need time to test, then told me they don’t have my package, and then they don’t have the other package, etc. I don’t even know whether or not they really called that package back, maybe they are still wating for the other guy to return voluntary?


I am really regret to send the laptop back for the fingerprint reader replacement. The parts is only $26 on ebay, and I can repalce it in no more than 5 minutes. To save that $26, I have already wasted 2 weeks’ time, and still stuck in Lenovo’s high risky repair depot.



For your reference:

The Serial Number of mine:********

The Serial Number of the laptop I received:********


Moderator note: serial numbers removed to prevent abuse.


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