Y520-15IKBN Windows Update Error (1905)

Whenever I try to update my Windows to 1905, it was always gives me the following error:

"AMD Ryzen™ or AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ configured in SATA or NVMe RAID mode."

The official help site recommends to update the AMD drivers, but because there aren’t any AMD peripherals in the laptop, that’s out of the way.


What should I do? 

Screen repair advice

I purchased my YBC930 in the UK a few months ago with default warranty and really like the device.


Yesterday I opened the laptop and the E-ink screen had a crack across it top to bottom spreading out a little at the bottom. I am hoping for any advice on firstly, whether I have any claim to have the device repaired by Lenovo, and secondly how to go about repairing it if I don’t have a claim.


The website states that the E-ink screeb is Gorilla® Glass so I am suspicious of the screen quality given the crack looks to have originated on the front not the edged and happened without any accident. Is it worth having the glass checked independently? I’ve called the support number and been told physical defects are never covered, only hardware- is this true if the glass is found to be faulty? I’ve looked a little into Consumer rights in the UK and am unsure.


If I will have to pay for a repair does anyone have any recommendations or advice? Is sending it to Lenovo likely to be more expensive than an in person alternative? I imagine the spare screen part isn’t highly avaliable.


Thank you for any advice!




EN4093R – Configure similar to a Cisco FEX Module?

Looking for some guidance on setting up a pair of EN4093R switches in a similar fasion as a B22 FEX module which are no longer being sold. The desire here is to configure these switches with a base configuration that we won’t have to touch again. The thought is that these are connected back up to Cisco 5K’s and the network team will make the changes at those trunks in regards to adding/removing VLANS that will be passed. We will just ‘tag’ the traffic at the blades (mixture of vmware/windows/linux hosts) These EN4093R switches are not switches that our network team wants to manage and the chassis owner (server infrstructure team) also does not want to make changes to these switcehs once configured initially.

Screen defect not covered by warranty?


i bought my x380 yoga last year and after a while i noticed that there are some spots in the lower left quadrant of the screen that are noticeably brighter than the rest of the screen. Last week i finally had time to send it in, but the repair center told me that this is not covered by the warranty.

Can somebody explain to me why that is the case? To me it sounds like i can’t expect a screen without problems for a product that costs more than 1000€.

Is the T series worth the added cost over say, the E series of Thinkpads?

2 years ago I decided against grabbing a Thinkpad and instead went for an Asus ultrabook for the sake of a better screen. I now deeply regret this decision and desire a more durable machine.

Onto the main topic, is the added cost of the T series worth it, I’d love the larger battery but other than that I can’t see anything else on a surface level to differentiate the machines.

For reference I’m looking at the T480 and E480.

Thanks to all replies in advance.

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