Thinkpad 490S

I’m searching for review about this product, I would like to know the battery life….do you know where I can find more inofrmation ?


Thank you

ThinkPad 10-20E3 Win 10 1809 BcmI2CBus_513 driver missing

Same issue as here

One can use Google translate if not German speaker!


ThinkPad 10-20E3-20E4 and Win10 Pro x64 1809


Broadcom NFC driver no longer works,


There seems to be nothing newer that does work!

Broke my USB dongle; can't use my wireless keyboard and mouse

Hi all, 
My USB dongle was recently broken and I wanted to replace it. Is there any way I could adquire just a USB dongle? My mouse and keyboard are fine. Keyboard model: KBRFBU71. Mouse model: MORFKHO. 
Many thanks,

Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus disable vibration

I’ve been using the tab 4 8 plus for almost 1 year and I never found a way to completely disable the vibration and also the notification led.


for the notification led I end up disabling all notifications forever to prevent it, but the vibration, even with all settings disabled still vibrates sometimes.


any way to kill all vibrations with an app or something?

Yoga C930 – DOlby Vision App freezes

I tried to get Dolby Vision to work – but it seems to Freeze. I followed the post on installing HVEC (By the way I had to pay for those!) … activated the Stream HDR etc. 

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