Manufacturer Signed APK

I have a lot of Lenovo tablets (Tab 4 850F) for an enterprise product, and have written an app to control the tablets remotely (mostly just install/uninstall packages, reboot, etc). The application works great on a rooted device, but it turns out you can’t root these tablets when they’re upgraded Oreo and for our main application, we require some Oreo functionality.


I was researching on StackOverflow and saw if you get the APK signed by the manufacturer, then the app will have system level access, but I couldn’t find any information about how to get the APK signed.


Where would I go for this? What would happen if I need to update that management app?

Flickering Webcam Video on TB 3 Dock Gen 2

I recently switched my X1C6 to use the Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 (40AN0135US) and it’s been working great, however, when using an external webcam such as the Logitech BRIO or C920, the video output to applications such as Zoom begin to flicker.


Has anyone experienced issues like this when using this or a similar dock?


I’ve verified drivers and firmware for all components are up to date, but am still experiencing this issue when using the dock. 



Part Number Cable for Tesla GPU on x3650 M5

Hi, i am looking for the Part Number to connect the Nvidia Tesla Graphic Card with the GPU Power from x3650 M5.

Maybe its this  FRU 49Y6983, but i am not sure.

Yoga 720-15 IKB pen problems (partially not working)

I have a Yoga 720-15 which I am using for ZBrush with a bamboo ink pen. I haven’t used it for a while and now I have a problem: Using the pen, I have a horizontal area of about 1 cm high roughly 1/3 from the bottom of the screen, where the pen is not working. If I start drawing a line (eg. using the builtin screen capture app which opens with the double click of the pen back button) vertically, it stops at this gap and continues below. See attached sketch (make with SketchBook app)

There is another thing that might be related or not. I had a heavy object fall on the closed lid, leaving a small dent on the aluminium body of the lid. No further damage visible on the screen. The vertical position of this dent is roughly where the pen does not work.

I do not know if the pen stopped working after this event because I don’t use it that much. So it might be related or it might be not – and due to some driver problem or whatever. What do you think?


Thanks – Martin

C930 is productive pen-based tool because it can be inverted!

I have used many pen-based windows pc tablets (at least 15 years) and also many e-readers for productivity work. After I got my hands on C930, been experimenting and realize it has one unique advantage:

    It is the only pen-based computer that can the windows screen lay flat and another screen showing a document for reading because both of its screen are nearly equal weight and light. No other tablet pc can work in this "inverted mode" because non have a 2nd e-ink screen and a light keyboard/CPU body! With Windows 10, the pen-based input and drawing interface is quite mature, this mode of working became very useful for me as viewing a document on the e-ink is very comfortable and writing on the flat surface is comfortable and capture my work digitally.


As for comparision with tablets without keyboard is a no brainer since not only there is no keyboard but non-of them will provide the same screen asset.

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