i have problem in ping by wifi (my laptop lenovo legion y530)

hi i have problem in ping by wifi ping every 10 seconds rises to 3000 and above like what is in the picture Please help me

T490 vs Carbon X1, how easy is the key replacement

Something I don’t see a lot of is an individual KEY replacement on the X1 Carbon. My question is, can this be done, or like my T440s the entire keyboard needs to be replaced?

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be better to just get the T490? Are its individual keys and overall keyboard easier to replace than the Carbon X1? And at what, .55mm more thickness? 

K3 Note is stuck at Lenovo-Recovery Cleaning

The power button of my lenovo K3 Note stopped working, so I decided for Factory Reset of the smartphone.

While trying the reset, the phone stuck to the screen of "Lenovo-Recovery" Cleaning and keep on starting and going upto this cleaning screen.

I tried after removing the battery but this does not need to use power button anymore. It is performing the reset operation automatically upto the screen  "Lenovo-Recovery" Cleaning.


Can somebody tell me please, what to do?

How to complete the reset operation?

Please see the screen shots which are appearing and disappearing.

Lenovo K6 Note Notification led Blinking problem.

Hello folks, 

I’m pretty new here, I don’t know if this topic is created before. 

As my search, I couldn’t find anything near to this…. 

I have a Lenovo K6 Note device (K53a48). 

When ever I plug it to charge it gives white notifications led blinking.

When ever I try to open via power button, white notifications blinks. 

The phone is so stubborn that it’s not opening or giving any sign of Life than that fckn blinking white notification led… 

Please help me with this issue or else I’m about to loosing my mind… ?

PS. I’m not educated in any near scientific education about the subject,

Only learnd everything as "core learning" from an expert and evolve myself to my curiosity.


Kind regards, Mad…. 

Legion Y730 display

My Legion Y730 is only a couple of months old, but the display is now showing horizontal lines across the entire screen. It seems to work fine otherwise, but I realy don’t think I should have display issues this soon.

Any suggestions?

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