P50 and external monitors

I started having an issue a few days ago with my P50 and an external monitor. I plugged it in and could find no option anywhere to mirror the display like it used to (so the same screen is on the laptop and the monitor). I searched for such a setting to no avail.

Tonight, I unplugged the monitor, briefly (an H233H via HDMI) to see if the laptop would fit into a laptop case that I have, and then went to plug the monitor back in. When I did, the laptop screen went dark as though the laptop went to sleep – had to press the power button and log back in (it did not shutdown) – and now the external monitor isn’t detected at all. I ran system updates, and have rebooted a couple of times, and still no external monitor. It’s a ghost. How do I get it back?


Ideapad FlEX 4 "we are unable to run a hardware scan at this time"

I’ve been trying to run a hardware scan in lenovo vantage for the last week but am still getting the unable to run a hardware scan message. I even got a notification from lenovo vantage a few days ago telling me to run a hardware scan. Um kind of hard to do if it won’t let me.

P52: Delay in startup

My P52 only start up (reading drive and load windows) at about 30 seconds after POST. During this time the whole machine only has keyboard locks and power light on. Lenovo premier support has not responded for 3 days, is this a widespread issue? Or is the whole Lenovo support team on vacation rn haha

yoga2 pro: (official parts replacement videos?) (webcam not detected anymore) (overheating problems)

hi all ,this is my first post 🙂 

I have a yoga2 pro (20266  model) in which I have basically two problems: one seems connected with overheating which causes system instability and a series of different BSOD errors in win 8.1 and the other is about the webcam which is not detected anymore (in win 8,1 but also in lubuntu 18.04)
About the overheating: also in "balanced mode" fans are almost always on, and it was not the case before.

I am currently handling it by switching to  power saver mode with passive system cooling policies (ie, basically reduce cpu performance before using fans)  which usually brings cpu cores temperature down by 15-20 Celsius degrees (ie from 65-70 to about 50 degrees), GPU is usually around 45-50. No issues of that sort when using Lubuntu 18.04, system stays silent: I also tried to open the laptop and clean the air vents/fans with compressed air but without disassemblying them: for what I could see some dust/lint were there, but apparently not in large amounts. I am aware that I should probably disassemble the parts in order to clean them more thoroughly and perhaps applying new thermal paste, but I am intimidated by the connectors/parts which are unfamiliar to me. I also have considered malware and scanned for it but my impression is that the cooling system is simply unable to handle full performance mode for more than 1-2 minutes, sometimes even less.
So, the questions: are there official lenovo videos for parts replacement/removal for yoga2 pro (or as much as similar models?)


I saw this page https://support.lenovo.com/us/id/solutions/ht505031 but yoga2 pro seems not to be listed. I am also looking specifically for infos on webcam repair/removal/replacement (for example, which connector on the system board/video cable/etc may be involved?) I saw from some other forum posts that cables running hinges might have to do with this webcam problem, but it referred to other models  https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Edge-Yoga-LaVie-Z-Flex/Yoga-11s-Camera-not-working-anymore/td-p/1345687/page/2 

Thanks in advance 🙂



Would it be physically possible to replace a T460s touchpad with a newer model touchpad?



Just as the title says,


I have a T460s but am underwhelmed with the touchpad technology


Would like to see if I can put a newer style ‘precision touchpad’ with gestures, etc. in it if I can find one on ebay, etc.


Is, say the T480s touchpad (Elan) the same dimensions and electronically compatible with the T460s’ synaptics touchpad interface?


Thank you


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