Original Stock Rom 7.1.1 for TB-704F (Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus)?

Hi, can anyone provide a link to 

I’m unable to find it anywhere.



Motion controller thumbstick problem

Bought 2 new explorer with motion controller kits today.


Hooked one up. Paired the controllers. In the mixed reality portal the headset and right controller work fine. But when the left controller is on I just spin to the right. Physically the thumbstick looks fine but in the portal its pushed to the right. Pushing it to the left moves the virtual representation a little but not a lot.


I had 2 kits so I got the left controller from the other kit and paired it instead. Works fine.


So my question is can this be fixed in software or do I need to return it?




Lenovo C930 backlit keyboard

Is there a way to make the keyboard backlit automatic like on my work Dell? ie. light turns on when you start typing and it turns off after 5 secs if you don’t type.

Any idea?

Install a NVMe M.2 in a M900 SFF

Want to install it in either of the circled areas. The other two PCIe slots have TV tuner cards in them and will not move them.


What do I need for the WiFi card slot (preferred) to make that work?


Any particular type of card for the PCIe slot? Not (or won’t) use a video card.


Lenovo t430 processor temperature

Hi, I have a question, is the lenovo t430 in the Intel Core i5-3320M processor also very loud? Can you determine what are the temperatures at rest and under load? I apologize for my English, I’m learning that I come from Poland

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