Lenovo Smart Tab M10 SD card assistance with system files

I Have a M10 tablet 32GB internal memory i installed a Sandisk 64GB SD card, when i set it up it asked if i wanted to use it as internal SD or external SD, i selected internal, when it installed it moved some system files to the SD card, i didn’t want to do this, so i wanted send the system files back and change the SD card to external, the problem I’m having i can’t seem to find a way to move the files back into the system from the SD card. i don’t want to format the card and lose the system files, the only thing i could think of is do a system restore, if anyone has a different solution please let me know.

Yoga 720-12IKB Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81B5 Touchscreen NO WORK

Hello, good night. I have a: Device Make: YOGA 720-12IKB, Serial Number: xxxxx, Product Number: 81B5, BIOS: 5GCN30WW


His touchscreen stopped working. I thought it was some kind of virus. I reconfigured the assembler, returning it with the factory configuration. And after it start I upgraded Windows 10 and updated the Lenovo Advence. So I was supposed to have the computer with all the features again. But the touchscreen didn’t come back. Someone has some solution. Thank you to all who are reading



Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

T480 Dual battery help!

Currently have set up to charge both my battery until 85% but only 1 have managed to charge to 85% while the other is no where close to 85%. Any ideas why is it doing this?


Picture below ..


Y740 keyboard stopped working suddenly

Non of the keys work, I can increase or decrease brightness of the keyboard using the 2 keys on the bottom left but it’s just a blue color now. Not like the RGB color it was before. Went into iCue and it says no device detected. I can use the Fn + keys like adjusting brightness but that’s about it. Tried uninstalling drivers but doesn’t work.


The keyboard doesn’t work in bios either.


Those who have a Y740 know about this feature, but if you press Fn+Space bar, the lights of the keyboard turn off and you can press any key and a wave like effect ripples across the keyboard’s lighting. This works for all of the keys so I’m assuming it’s not a hardware issue (?).


Anyone know how to fix this? 

How do i get the google bar at the bottom of my homescreen?

I recently switched to an older x4 phone I had because I moved to a different country. My newer x4 has a google bar at the bottom of the homescreen but not my older one that I just dugged out. They are both at the most current updates of Android 9. How do I add it? I miss the more complex voice search, "who sings this song," etc  

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